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Guide to manning a galleon: the 4 crew positions

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In my time playing SoT, this is the strategy I see most crews using; therefore, I figured it must be effective, and I decided to write up a little guide to teach you how to run your own 4 man galleon.

The first three roles can be taken interchangeably; generally, you will be fine with any number of these three crew roles as long as your 4th is not one of them.

1) The Idler: This crew member’s job is to stand on the top deck and stare out into the ocean. They should be careful not to help with the sails, and make sure to watch a YouTube video instead while tabbed out of the game until you crash into an island.

2) The Fashionista: This crew member should be stationed near the cosmetic boxes, and it is helpful for them to buy a variety of outfits and item skins. It is also very important that they run up to the top deck every so often in order to ask you what you think of a certain cosmetic.


3) The Drunk: This person functions as the… “entertainment”. Moreso for themselves; they should try to annoy the other crew members and vomit on them whenever possible. Make sure that they accidentally fall off the ship at the right times, such as when you ask them to drop anchor!

4) The Captain: This player is most often you, since you’re reading this guide. They pilot the ship by themselves, making sure to ask the other crew members for help before angrily sighing and doing it yourself. They also should make sure to be the one that the crew members blame when they crash into islands. Bonus points if the other crew members ask you why you didn’t ask for help even if you did 20 times already.

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