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Have you heard the word?

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Yesterday I was playing alone, trying the game out on the 14 day free trial, deciding if I should buy the game. After 15 minutes of sailing, I anchored myself in the middle of the ocean to check the map. As a solo sloop, I wasn't looking to pvp or get caught in any prolonged combat, so when a galleon pulled up close to me, I did the only logical thing. I waved. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by three well dressed sailors, playing instruments and dancing. So i did the logical thing. I started playing along with them All of a sudden, a well dressed captain walks up to me, blue gold garb, with a very large hat. He turns on push to talk and asks, "Hello there ltroyal! Have you heard the word?" "what word" I respond?

"Why?! The word of ARRRRR. KELLEY!"

And with the end of that proclamation, the group of 4 burst out dancing while the captain blasted

into push to talk.

After dancing for a couple minutes, a little singing, and some grog. The song was over, and the captain told his crew to go back to the ship. "Arrrrrrr I think I'll stay with you ltroyal." "You sure you don't want to go back to your ship?" I responded, kind of confused. After the galleon with the 3 crew sailed away, it was me and that captain.


Of course he started playing the

, ran to the front of the boat, "hold me ltroyal."

About 15 minutes later, we ran into another sloop, which opened fire on us. But without missing a beat, the captain starting blasting the

theme song. After hard combat, a unlucky cannon ball blew the captain off the boat, where he boarded the other boat, and was slain so that I could get away. As he I was sailing away, I could hear him yell "GO ON LTROYAL, I'VE GOT THEM NOW!"

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I will never forget you captain, preacher of the word of ARRRR. Kelley, and truly unique, kind player. You proved that this game can be an amazing sandbox for those who put their minds to creating unique, fun encounters. And I bought SOT instantly after logging off for the day.

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