Sea of Thieves

Highlights from the Six Tavern Challenge Stream:

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - Highlights from the Six Tavern Challenge Stream:
  • More Cursed Chests will be coming as well as other cursed items in the world.

  • More personal Weapons and resources in the world will be coming.

  • Face Paint is coming out after Forsaken Shores but before the next Free DLC

  • Rare is currently investigating having Skeleton Ships ambush you throughout the world. For now, the Skeleton Ship encounter will be similar to Skull Forts, where a cloud will appear above the encounter.

  • The potion shop above the OOS tent will be opening up "in the future" as well as the buildings at the outposts will be "expanding"

  • Since cursed cannonballs are being introduced into the world, when you interact with a barrel you will "look into" the barrel and be able to choose which items you want to take. This new UI system will allow for more resources to be added into the game.

  • A Stronghold Merchant Item is "hopefully coming soon" but it will not be a animal (rip stronghold chicken)

  • For Pirate Legends that have hit Athena Lv10, something is coming "soon" to help enrich the game.

  • A ship larger than the galleon is something Rare "would love to do" and they would want it to be even more than 6 players. It isn't something happening in an immediate release but it's a possibility for the future.

Thanks to Sea of Thieves HQ for the posts on Twitter. I do not believe they have a reddit account here so I figured I'd post the highlights.

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