Sea of Thieves

How does respawn actually work?

Sea of Thieves 4 - How does respawn actually work?

I know Rare addressed this shortly after launch, but I feel like we might need to revisit the way the game calculates where your ship respawns.

I’ve heard people say that if you damage a ship with gunpowder or a collision, that it doesn’t count as a PvP sink, and the ship will respawn close by. If that’s the case it seems like a massive oversight.

Last night I was solo slooping, and I was fighting against a 4 man galleon for quite a while. I tried several different approaches but ultimately they sunk me.

This was at Old Boot fort and I got respawned all the way up at Sailor’s Bounty. It took a very long time to get back to the fort, but I stopped at another Fort and stocked up on gunpowder and supplies before returning. After another short naval fight where I did hit a few good cannon shots I decided to try the good ol’ “Gunpowder at the tip of your bowsprit” trick. It worked marvelously. I managed to board them and kill 3 of them and their ship went down.


Mine did too but at this point I just wanted to deny them the loot. So I climbed up the fort and by the time I got to the top (around 30 seconds to a minute) and got healed up and ammo, I could already see their galleon approaching. I waited in a well hidden spot but a skeleton saw me, and sniped a gunpowder keg near me, and that damaged me and gave my position away. They saw me and got a shot on me and killed me.

My boat was back up at smuggler’s bay. There’s no reason their boat should have respawned so much closer than mine.

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