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How I believe skeleton ships will be incorporated post Cursed Sails

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Throughout Cursed Sails, I have been wondering how Rare is going to implement them back into the game. A lot of people probably think they’re just going to show up as a random encounter, but I believe this ships are going to serve an entire purpose altogether, serving as an alternative to skeleton forts, and here’s why.

Aside from the devs saying that you would be able to see skeleton ships sailing on the horizon, I really had no concrete proof for what I believed. But luckily, YouTuber GreenSkull uploaded a video where he was playing with, and also interviewing two of the people working on the game. And the second topic that comes up in the video was one I thought very interesting: (2 minutes 55 seconds) The developers directly say that they are keeping skeleton battles in the game, and that they are going to be something you have to engage. I highly doubt whole skeleton battles would just spawn next to your ship, that would be completely unforgiving.

I still didn’t really think this was enough to support my claim that the Skeleton Ships would act as an alternative to forts, until browsing through the comments made by u/rare-sonicbob. And one caught my eye. Somebody suggests the possibility of after the update, skulls in the sky, just like forts, could indicate where these battles are going to take place: In true u/rare-sonicbob fashion, the person got a reply, but in the form of “?”. This could mean nothing, but I do feel like this was the dev hinting that this very well was the truth.


Finally though, after sleeping on it, I think that we have seen this fort like cloud before. If you look at the sea of thieves e3 trailer, you actually see what I believe is the cloud that will be above where these battles take place: (1 minute 28 seconds) You see the generic skeleton captain that they used in the cinematic trailer, but in a cloud like form. This could be a coincidence, but all in all, I do think this is hinting at the outcomes for these ships.

Of course, there’s a good chance I could be completely wrong on this one. But, based on the little evidence we have, my belief is that post Cursed Sails, the Skeleton Ship battles will serve as an alternative to skeleton forts. Whether or not they’ll have ships randomly appearing next to yours along with that, I have no clue. If I am right, and it does come to fruition like this, it’ll introduce a fresh new way to grind the ranks that isn’t just doing nonstop forts. The grind to pirate legend would become a lot less tedious, and a lot more fun.

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