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How I interpret the flags on ships

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Jolly Roger :

  • I'm here to steal from you and troll you until you skuttle your ship.
  • I thought the flag looked cool, so kill me if you must

Blue Flag :

  • I'm running merchant voyages.
  • If you Kill my chickens, then you better have eyes behind your head for the rest of the time you are on this server.

Yellow Flag :

  • Other voyages and yes, I do like Bananas

Red Flag:

  • I'm here to PvP.

Black Flag:

  • Being mysterious without trolling.

White Flag:

  • I'm New!
  • I don't have anything important or of greater value above a foul skull or castaway chest.
  • Don't bug me unless you are looking to assist with this riddle to dig up a castaway chest.

Racing Flag:

  • This is a sandbox game I'm trying out different things that could be fun
  • Being out of character
  • I'm probably not doing voyages

Hunter Flag:

  • You get the idea.
  • I'm hunting for commendations
  • I'm hunting you!

Bone Crusher Flag:

  • Running Cursed Sails and collecting supplies

Bilge Rat Flag:

  • Working on my Commendations
  • You can help me with my commendations

Shark Hunter Flag:

  • I'm bored and willing to shoot anything
  • You look like a good target

Pirate Legend Flag:

  • Look it's the first item I could afford when I made Pirate legend, expect me to use it as a Trolling flag
  • Guess which one is the Pirate Legend on the ship

Athena Legend Flag:

  • Just made Pirate Legend, I'm going to use it to troll everyone.
  • Guess which one is the Pirate Legend on the ship.

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