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How many people ground to pirate legend – or may I never see another chicken coop as long as I live.

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To the community how to grind to pirate legend…or how I you can hate yourself. I am posting this because many people 40+ refuse to talk to or otherwise associate with lower level people who have played less. This is to let you know how most of them got to where they are now, and very likely why people keep asking for 30+/40+ people to group with.

First off shout out to the mods of the discord. Thank you for being on top of things, I have met many a person there from all around the world. The game turned into something playable because of the community.

Now on to what this post is about, the frustrations, the endless chickens and hundreds of people I have stolen fort loot from. I have spent much time not doing the things listed below and having much fun just wandering the world. I like the riddles, but the rewards are just not there. This is about how to be efficient and getting your reputations up with the least played time.

  • Always check sunken ships if they are close, you could come out with 5 top tier items –

Phase 1: Grinding Gold Hoarders 2 choices – forts or missions Doing forts can be very very efficient for this, but that will rely on people being able to coordinate and sink ships. If you have this its by far the best way to level.

How to grind forts:

1. Get a group of 4 people – join a server

2. Shoot yourself out of your cannon faced to the heavens

3. If there is no skull loop to #1

If you are going to do forts, get 3 people at the entrance to the fort (just above the door with the key.) Use this door way in conjunction with your swords to quickly kill the waves. (leave one person as a lookout, nothing like getting jumped with your pants down.) The only reason to leave the doorway is a gold wave. To anyone who believes that cannons are the fasted way to clear all the waves: You have not done the sword correctly with 3+ people at the door.

Mission method: Once you start getting probably 30+ missions the number of X's per map starts going up drastically. To be efficient at this never go to an island with less than 3 X marks the spot, preferably 4+ Take a look at where they are, an island next to you with 3 is still great, and island that you have to sail the entire world for 4 is still bad. So just vote on and cancel missions until you get a good one. (5-6 X's per island would be ideal) Just do the part of the mission that is the best, and cancel the rest of it.

Now we get to the mission mechanics here: You can buy 3 at a time – this will reset at 2 times, every time you connect to the game. And every in-game morning 5AM if you look at your watch. So if you have 4 people, you have 12 missions to cycle through, and likely won't have to reconnect much, but sometimes the missions will just all be bad, so be prepared to cycle many missions.

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Phase 2: Order of the souls If you have done forts for your Gold Hoarder rep, you will have some Order of Souls reputation, starting you at higher level missions and a better overall roll for missions. You could continue forts, but it will not be nearly as efficient as missions.

The way to grind this is much like option 2 for the Gold Hoarders. You are going to need to spam many missions. In this case your best possible mission on a per island bases is 4 captains. This is probably the slowest of the 3 to level. Be prepared to get pistol sniped thousands of times over by skeletons. Remember reconnect if you have no missions to cycle through.

Note: Devil's Ridge is super buggy – no matter how many skeleton captains you will have there, I would recommend ignoring this island.

Phase 3: Now for the I hate my life part Merchants is by far the fastest of the 3 factions to raise, and by far the most mind numbing glitch exploiting thing to do.

MUST 100% be a galleon, you could 3 man it, but your speed would go down a lot. It is impossible to do this route with a sloop.


Step 1 – Go to any outpost – spam missions and cancel them to collect chicken and snake crates. Some people prefer just chickens, but I found getting snakes as well was faster overall.

Step 2 – Go to an island Mermaids Hideaway for just chickens, and Crooked Masts for chickens and snakes.

Step 3 – Collect all the golden animals on the island.

Step 4 – Have everyone die and be in the dead mans ship at the same time (this will reset the island) But if you all die at exactly the same time (say standing around a gunpowder barrel) you will not rest the island and will have to die again anyway. (proceed in the loop from step 3-4 until all cages are filled)

Step 5 – Go to an outpost, I prefer Ancient Spire – but any will do. Get 1 merchant mission – see where that mission sends you.

Step 6 – Go to the outpost your mission sent you to, offload 100% of your chickens and snakes in a nice hidden spot where nobody is likely to look. (This is up to you and what outpost you are on, but you would be surprised at how well you can hide them on most outposts)

Step 5 – Wave goodbye to one crewman with all your chickens and snakes (They better be very very very patient as they will be sleeping in a bush for a long time.) If you see a boat spawn, if you see a boat sail to your outpost, if anything happens, just hide. Nothing is worse than having to sail all the way back to that outpost again and hope all your animals are still there.

Step 7 – Once you have no gotten back to the outpost you first got your mission at, proceed to spam through missions. Turning in your chickens and snakes as they show up. Higher level missions have a bit higher chance of getting what you want, but you are going to spend a very long time cycling through these missions and reconnecting to the game over and over. (NOTE: Whatever you do DO NOT COMPLETE a single mission, if you get 3 golden chickens and nothing else ONLY turn in 2 of them. If you complete a mission the outpost you need to turn in at will change, and now you have to pick everything up and move it.)

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Notes: Obviously the more chickens and snake you pick up the more efficient you might be overall, but if you pick up say 100 chickens and 30 snakes, it could take you 2 hours standing staring at the missions to complete them all.

To the thousands of bugs that you may get along the way…..

1. Counting coins gets stuck – if its long than about 10-15 seconds you will just need to reconnect

2. You can buy a mission and end up with none, and then have 3 when you reconnect. And then have more after you canceled, and none when you bought some….just reconnect on any of these things.

3. You connect to the game with only one weapon. (Make sure you have the pistol equipped as your only weapon.) And then kill yourself. Be prepared to have this bug for an undetermined set of time until you finally get to one day spawn in with both weapons again.

4. My anchor, sail, etc is making constant sound. Try to move them raise lower, or kill yourself.

5. I have no radial menus – just die once

6. I HAVE NO MONEY!?!?!! Reconnect or sell something. You could also buy a title for 0 coins if you have one available.

That is most of them I remember off the top of my head, I am sure there are a few others I have seen, not counting the thousands of beard errors on connect and the xbox application just flat not working.

But despite everything this game has for errors, as bad as part of it is. I have still enjoyed my times on the seas, and I hope it only grows better as time moves ever forward.

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