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How my crew managed to steal not one but two Legendary Chests in one day

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Let me tell you, my friends, the story about how, out of sheer luck, we ended up getting our hands on two chests from the very legends!

Our story began where another was ending. Me and my girlfriend were sitting on the Golden Sands Outpost's dock, looking at the sunset and at our scuttled galleon (as per tradition after a long day of pirating), talking about the worrying rumours about ships raising from the sea with a crew made of bones. When suddenly a sloop made itself clear on the horizon, a glowing figurehead. They are Legends!

Once they came close enough we noticed one of them stood in the front holding a black chest, glowing green. It's a legenday chest! The most valuable treasure in all the Sea of Thieves! They were eager to sell their loot, and probably too confident, or maybe, tired after a long day of sailing,and didn't care much of their ship, and rammed the dock full speed. The first legend, holding the chest, jumped on the beach, my girlfriend waited in a bush while I lunged at him, he couldn't even drop his dear treasure before I sent him to the Ferry. I grabbed the chest and made a run for it! I ran to the tavern without looking back, hearing the clashing of swords behind me. I reached the tavern and sold the legendary chest. The loss of their treasure was too much for the two legends, they didn't come back from the Ferry, their ship has sunk.


Later that day me and my crew of 2 were sailing the seas, searching for cursed statues under the waves, I told my crew to keep going while I stayed behind at The Sunken Grove. When suddenly a galleon with a red hull came to the island, didn't notice my mermaid and neither our galleon sailing off. I thought of it as a golden opportunity and as the whole crew of the red galleon jumped on the shore I made my way on the ship, hidden by the waters. I hid on the balcony behind the Captain's Quarters. They started bringing chests, snakes and pigs in the room. I could see through the windows from the outside. I could've taken the chests, there were easily about 6k worth of gold inside, but I've waited. They sailed South, anchored at Devil's Ridge, and brought some golden skulls inside. I still waited. My crew followed behind with the cover of a dense fog. They stopped at other islands, bringing chickens, chests, more skulls. Then they stopped at Plunder Outpost, sold some pigs, then sailed off again. One of them almost saw me at Snake Island, I still shiver from thinking about it, but for some reason he didn't notice me. A sloop attacked the galleon, but the crew managed to sink them, and that's when I got a better look at their clothes and realized that they too, were legends. I managed to eavesdrop a conversation between the captain and another crew member about going to an island to dig an important chest, it had to be one of the legendary ones! As I thought, soon after anchoring on said island, they dropped a black chest in the Captain's Quarters! I had to move fast, Dagger Tooth Outpost was close, I ordered my crew to get to my location full speed, I waited for my oppurtunity and when I was sure nobody would see me… I grabbed the chest and quickly jumped in the waters!

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A few minutes later my galleon arrived, climbed up as my crew cheered and sailed to Galleon's Grave. Another legendary chest sold to the mysterious stranger in the tavern.

TLDR: stole two legendary chests in a day, felt like the ultimate pirate. If you ever got your Legendary Chest stolen from you, I'm very sorry.

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