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How to avoid a missunderstanding

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It should be obvious, but if people are keep complaining about being sunk for trying to be friendly, it must not be "obvious".

  1. Find you a battle buddy
  2. No matter what size your ship, DON'T go rushing towards someone
  3. If someone has managed to pull up next to you without you noticing, and tells you they are just there for anything other than "To wreck your soul", leave them alone but keep a watchful eye. If they snuck up on you, they could have sinked you if they wanted.

(Happened yesterday, pulled up to Cannon Cove to get chickens and there was a sloop. I hopped off with a crate and said "I mean you no harm, just here for pigs and chickens". Next thing I know, he hops back in his boat, turns it around and sails out from the cove and in front of my ship. I run back to mine while yelling "You'r making bad decisions for your health". He starts firing so I ram his ship with mine, blunder to the face and drop a lit keg on his deck from my mast. This could have been prevented had he just finished his skellies and moved along)

  1. Don't sail directly towards someone and then chase after them when they are obviously trying to avoid you

  2. Stop yelling "Friend or Foe?!!" Invest in a Mic and use in-game voice chat, otherwise you may get Foe new holes in your ship.

  3. Don't anchor your ship, facing inward toward the island, with your sails down. It is just begging to be attacked. Try facing outward, sails rolled up and fixed in the direction to catch wind once dropped. Anchor your ship ONLY to make it stop going forward (or if in a storm) and then raise the anchor right back up so escaped are easy to make.

  4. Don't swim over to someones ship unless you announce it first, don't get on their ship unless they say it is ok.

  5. Don't run to the cannon while shouting you're friendly, ain't nothing about that is reassuring

  6. Sloops for the most part are faster than gallies against the wind, gallies are faster going with the wind.

  7. Don't sail directly behind a ship, that is how you get a barrel or a boarder.

    I am sure there are more "do's and don'ts", but this should be fine for now as I am sure people will add their own.

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