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How to get more fps and better V-Sync with Borderless Window

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TL;DR: In Sea of Thieves you need to set the Display Mode to Windowed, V-Sync to Off and Frame Rate Lock to 60fps to prevent stuttering. Back in Windows turn on tablet mode, right-click on an empty area of the taskbar and toggle automatically hide the taskbar.

I have been trying different settings in Sea of Thieves to prevent tearing without having the frame rate jumping between 30 and 60 fps with the in-game V-Sync. So far NVIDIA Adaptive V-Sync worked best for me, since it introduced tearing only when the frame rate dipped below 60 fps.

However I realised that setting the game to Windowed instead introduced a slightly better performance and resolved screen tearing without the frame rate jumping between 30 and 60 fps because triple-buffering is forced via the Desktop Window Manager. The only issue here is that the game doesn’t have a borderless window mode.

To bypass this you can use the Windows 10 tablet mode where the title bar will automatically hide and toggle automatically hide the taskbar in the taskbar settings. You also need to set the Frame Rate Lock to the refresh rate of your monitor to to prevent slight stuttering when the frame rate goes above 60 fps.


This way I managed to play the game on Mythical with only minor fps drops on my GTX 980. Previously the frame rate was jumping between 30 and 60 fps on Legendary with some settings turned even lower. This trick could be also useful for streamers and people who want to play the game on a second monitor and couldn't previously achieve borderless window mode.

Additionally you can try going to C:UsersUsernameAppdataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.SeaofThieves_LocalStateAthenaSavedConfigUWP64 to open the GameUserSettings.ini config file with a text editor and change SmoothFPS=True to False. This way you might prevent some stuttering in areas like the fireplaces in the taverns.

Hopefully, this has helped you getting a better performance in Sea of Thieves. Feel free to share your tips below and happy sailing.

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