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How to have a Safe Haven in Sea of Thieves (Reviving the Ferry of the Damned idea)

718807.jpg 1024x576 - How to have a Safe Haven in Sea of Thieves (Reviving the Ferry of the Damned idea)

Here are some requirements that would be awesome to have:

-Minigames (A table and sitting down to play a simple card game)

-Fishing (This may be coming true)


During in-game, you can with a click press "Go to the Ferry of the Damned". If you do so, your pirate in first-person waves goodbye and vanishes as if you died. (You now basically have died, and re-spawn timer is the same)

You appear at the ferry of the damned without your weapons but in full colour. The lower decks are now opened for access for anyone and there you can speak to some ghostly npcs and sit on a few tables of this new card game as well as a table where it is against an npc character. There is a table of the map and boxes to change clothing if you are in full colour.


If you died coming to the ferry of the damned, you can do all of that except for changing clothes and you appear ghostly.

Players can also check in the menu how many there are in the ferry currently when accessing to go there.


There is probably a lot more stuff you can add to the ferry of the damned, but it is the most fitting place to have a social safe haven without changing the world in a forcible way.

But just so people know, this was not entirely my idea. I remember someone saying to go to the ferry of the damned to find people that wanna do something, and that idea currently works so it makes sense to make ferry of the dead a place you can just go to to potentially find people.

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