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How to report a disgusting human being to RARE?

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Recently I was sailing with my regular crew. A legend ship got us and stole our loot.

No problem. That's the game.

But can I tell you what I don't think ever should be part of the game?

Downright verbal abuse.

And, no, I am not talking about the expected and often humorous back and forth, bragging about being better, making fun of someone for being worse than you are.

I'm not even talking about the people who take it a little too far and liberally curse and make things a little too personal.

I'm talking about continuously boarding our ship with the sole purpose of spewing the most disgusting statements imaginable.

One player in particular started by boarding our ship just to laugh at us and talk crap about stealing our loot.


We didn't respond. Just tried to send him to the ferry. He was good. Has obviously played a lot. Kept getting away from us.

He disappeared downstairs in our hallway and one of my crew asked where he went. The moment I opened my mouth to answer and this opponent realized I was a woman, he began spewing the most disgusting, masochistic, and sexually explicit insults toward me.

Without ANY (and I'd own up to it) prompting or antagonizing, I was continuously called a B, dumb B, dumbA woman, fat B, tw @t, id*ot, told to s u c k his D, he mentioned r @ p e, and even threw out a few C words. There was more that I can't even bring myself to share.


It wouldn't stop. I never answered him because I didn't want to give him any ammo. He just kept going and would not stop. It was the most deplorable way a "man" has ever spoken to me in my life.

I know it's a game. And I know I should just leave it in the game. But I was in tears that evening feeling like something I enjoy doing and usually relaxes me after a long day violated my safe space. I'm okay. I'll be okay. I'm not trying to be a cry baby (and if you think that, you're not much better than the dude, honestly).

Read:  The problem isn't that boarding is too hard. The problem is that boarding is required.

But this player was a legend. It is obvious he has played A LOT. It is also obvious he's the type of disgusting person who ALWAYS talks like this. I don't believe it was a personal attack against me; I think he probably speaks this way whenever he plays, and maybe even to the women in his real life. Lots of women play this game. Lots of children play this game. It's not that asinine to state people like this shouldn't get away with it.

I reported him to Microsoft. My crew reported him. It's obvious nothing has been done.

How can I get his gamertag to RARE?

From what I've seen from the developers and this community, I don't believe this is what we want on the seas. I refuse to believe the majority of people would find this acceptable behavior–even in a video game.

Thanks, everyone.

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