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How to wreck a treaty and ruin friendships: A Skull Fort Story

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So this was my first time ever using discord to play Sea of Thieves. None of my friends were online, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I hop in a room with a Canadian guy who wants to knock out some Gold Hoarder's quests. Sounds good to me. We then get a Turkish Pirate Legend who joined our game offering an Athena quest. Why not? We're in. The fourth joins and we're off.

About midway through the maps, we see the skull in the air. It's on our way so we decide to turn in the loot we've gotten so far and sail to it. When we get there, a galleon with white sails has set up by the fort and opens fire on us as soon as we approach. We let loose the first volley and turn away to patch up. As we are patching up, a second galleon with red sails approaches. They pull up alongside the first galleon and drop anchor, a few shots ring out and then…silence. We park our galleon by the rocks and watch. There's no cannons, no fighting. Nothing.

Myself and the Canadian shipmate begin the long swim to investigate the ships, I take the red sails, he takes the white. I can hear them talking about how the fort's captain is out and some of them are watching our galleon in the distance. The have made an alliance to take the fort and split the loot. Suddenly, the cloud vanishes and the key is dropped. We have to make a move. My Canadian crew member takes a gunpowder barrel from the top of the white sail galleon and detonates it beneath the ship, sacrificing himself. Meanwhile. I jump on the cannons of the red sail galleon and open fire on the white sail one. What follows is pure pandemonium.



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The white sail galleon immediately returns fire blowing holes in the red sail one. Crews are fighting on both decks, players are yelling and all hell is breaking loose. The white sail ship is desperately trying to fight off the red sail but it's too late, she slips into the water. Soon I'm discovered and quickly killed and suddenly, the red sail crew realizes what's happened. Their alliance had been shattered by a third party. They desperately begin repairs and race for the loot. But it's too late for them too. In the middle of the commotion, the Turkish legend, the respawned Canadian, and our fourth crew member have pulled alongside the red sail, dropped anchor, and are blasting her to smithereens. She too slips beneath the waves. We kill every last crew member and steal the plunder for ourselves.

All in all, we wound up finishing our Athena quest, we shattered an alliance, and we made a little over 20k between the fort and the two galleons. Was it cruel? Sure. Dishonest? You bet. And to anyone who says "You cheated," I shrug and say "Pirate."

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