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Huge kudos to Rare customer support! Thank you!

Sea of Thieves 6 - Huge kudos to Rare customer support! Thank you!

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tl;dr – 2 islands into my gilded gold hauler voyage I lost connection to the server, (didn’t lose internet) and with it, lost the remaining opportunity for my gold. Rare reactivated my voyages, and I can now get them again. (Less than 48 hour turnaround)

Action taken (approximately 12/19/2018 midday): I emailed customer support about aforementioned problem and that I was disappointed that this happened.

Result: Yesterday evening (12/19/2018), I logged in to find that I was able to reacquire my Gilded Voyage. Today (12/20) I receive an email stating they were sorry this happened, and informed me I was able to get my Gilded Voyage again.

This is not only one of the fastest turn around times I’ve ever experience from a support team, but also probably the most kindly worded and professional response I’ve experienced. I really wish more companies had customer support like that, because if CS was this efficient and polite all the time, I’d be way more inclined to put more tickets in, and being (kind of) in the industry of receiving and closing tickets for problems, I know how synergistic and efficient a team has to be for this kind of result.


I work as a System Administrator for an automotive parts manufacturer, so I push the concepts of people putting in tickets for their problems instead of complaining to other people. There may be a solution to the issue and I’m not even being given the opportunity to fix it, which results in people being mad and yelling at me for no reason, about a problem people have been complaining about for a month, and I knew nothing about it.

So here’s a major THANK YOU to Rare/Sea of Thieves CS for being professional, polite, and most importantly, efficient and fast!

It occurred to me that maybe there was just a cool down on the voyages or something, but that didn’t seem logical (because the solution was noticed before I got the email). Or maybe CS has common issues with this and can turn around the result faster than usual, but either way it doesn’t matter because it got fixed and I can’t recommend putting in tickets or contacting CS enough about any legitimate issues you might have. Again, THANK YOU for this experience.

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