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I love the ample opportunities to mess with people in this game and have been doing so in a fun way for the past few months. I thought it was time to share.

I spawn into an outpost and scuttle my sloop (after moving it around the island a bit to conceal the mermaid). Then, I wait for someone else to spawn there. As soon as they do, I jump onboard and climb onto the crow's nest before they've loaded/left the tavern.

I typically wait until they're far out to sea with absolutely no islands/forts/rocks nearby. In a deep voice, surrounded by nothing but open seas, the pirate(s) suddenly hear a voice call out "WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?" I don't move, I don't attack them, I just lay there and watch them freak out.

And freak out they do.

Most pirates sprint to the back of the ship to see what they just passed. When they see nothing, they usually start running around the edges of the ship looking for some hint of who/what just called out. The constant click of the telescopes is music to my ears. Sometimes they anchor-turn and head back to where they were, and a few have dived off to have a look below water.


I never call out a second time. The question has been planted in their heads, and getting no further information, no second data point, just drives people nuts.

Occasionally, people seek a better view of their surroundings by climbing up into the crow's nest. As soon as I realize they're on their way up, I immediately leap off the ship. Sometimes I grab a mermaid, other times I just instantly disconnect from the server. As soon as I'm discovered, the mystery is solved and I have failed. Fortunately, I have managed to avoid being caught for the most part.

I'm really just handing people an unsolvable puzzle, and I thoroughly enjoy watching people try to solve it.

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Anyway, just wanted to share some of the shenanigans I've been up to!

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