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I Beat My First Brig

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Before I begin, I know it’s not a big feat. Brigs sink all the time. But it was a personal win for me, as I was on a solo sloop at the time and I never Solo pvp.

I had spent about three hours running merchant missions, and I was getting ready to call it for the day. It has been a while since I had engaged in any real pvp, so I figured I’d give it a go before I logged off. I threw up the reaper’s mark and set sail.

I chased a sloop who also had the mark up for about 20 minutes, before the brig came after me. The brig was more ready for pvp than the sloop was, so I gave up the chase and engaged the brig. We exchanged a couple of shots. It was difficult because there was a storm nearby and the sea was choppy, so it was hard to keep a cannon on target. I should also mention that I was using a steam controller.

I was stocked up after the three hours of merchant quests, and I landed more hits on the brig than the brig did on me. They tried to shoot themselves over to me, but missed. I never let them get on board.

We sailed in circles for a bit, which is perfect for my sloop, as it turns tighter than the brig, I landed a few more hits, and scrambled their stuff with a couple of purple cannon balls.


The Meg showed up at this point, and I was just hoping that it didn’t come after me. I only saw it bite the other ship once, so the Meg wound up not doing a whole lot, but it was there almost the entire time.

A few more shots, then I realized that the brig was not firing back, they sailed downwind and towards barrels floating in the water. I figured that they had run out of supplies.

I gave chase. I landed a shot on the guy who jumped off to restock, and killed him. They shot two of their crew to an island to find barrels, but I wasn’t able to get a shot on them then.

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Eventually, they turned their brig hard into the crooked masts (we started the fight just north of plunder outpost) to try to throw me off, but the sloop turns better, I dodged the rocks and landed a few hits while they were beached. It was enough to sink it. One of their crew tried to climb up my ladder but I killed him with a pistol.

After being harassed on a solo sloop so much by pvp players, it felt good to sink one for once.

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