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I don’t think a dedicated 3 man ship should be Rare’s top priority

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I understand why people want this, but I really don't think it should be the top priority.

If Rare truly is going off of what the community wants, do we really want to have them spend all this time on a new ship? What's going to change now that there's a dedicated ship for 3 man crews? Like it or not, this game is pretty barebones, that's just a fact. There's not a ton of things you can do and what's in it now is pretty limited. I'm not saying it's bad, what's there is great, there's just not a lot of it.

Adding in a dedicated 3 man ship doesn't change that, we'd just have another ship to sail around in and do the same voyages and same forts.

I'd much rather prefer there be a focus on new things to do, find and buy, rather than just another ship to sail around in.


Based on posts and polls, I'm clearly in the minority here, but I want people to think about what we want, as a community, to be prioritized (if Rare is taking it into consideration)

edit: People keep mentioning "You know they can work on more than one thing/different people work on different stuff, right?"

Clearly, but that doesn't mean there isn't overlap with designers, artists/modelers, programmers,QA people, etc. It's not like there's some isolated team of 10 devs designated as "Ship People". Of course Rare can work on multiple things at once, but an entirely new ship isn't some quick addition.

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