Sea of Thieves

I don’t usually post but I had a hell of a night thanks to the rowboats and need to share.

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - I don’t usually post but I had a hell of a night thanks to the rowboats and need to share.

Open crew on a brig the other night, me and the crew had been running some OoS when a skull fort popped up. Pretty straight forward, cleaned up the waves of skeletons, no sails on the horizon, looking pretty good. We’d been having some fun with the rowboat and decided to load all the fort loot onto one and row it over to our brig when another brig showed up out of nowhere and opened fire on our ship.

One of my crew had already been rowing out of the fort and decided to just start paddling while me and my other crewmate tried to get back to the ship when everything that could go wrong did. We’d opened sails to get away but a lucky shot killed my other guy who was patching, and our ship sank. About that same time, the crewmember on the rowboat got de-spawned, probably because of how loaded down it was.

It was at this point when we were frantic, trying to figure out what we should do, that the gods of the sea blessed us with good fortune. I’d survived the rapid assault and was hanging on to the side of the brig and decided to say screw it, and climbed aboard. Turns out that it was a two man crew, and one of them had swam out to where our brig sank, going after the OoS skulls, likely assuming it was fort loot. The other was on deck, so I blasted them with the blunderbus and sent their ship sailing hoping to buy time.


My despawned and dead crew had gotten back to the ship and were closing on the fort. I had dove into the water to try and take out the other enemy but he killed me instead, so I spawned on the boat right as we got back to the fort. One of my crew booked it for the still loaded rowboat, and started rowing north, while we managed to sink the enemy brig which had made it back from where I’d sent it off to. We abandoned the few skulls we’d had and sailed after our crewmate, picked him up, and went straight for sanctuary. Got on the island, sold the fort loot, and we were feeling pretty good, when who should show up on a rowboat, but those same two bastards who’d nearly given us the business.

Turns out they really wanted something to show for their efforts and had snagged the two villainous skulls we’d had and had hopped a rowboat of their own and rowed to sanctuary. One of them managed to sell one before we could kill them, but we got the other and sold it immediately, then went back to the fort and grabbed the one piece of loot that they had missed because they were so focused on the few skulls that had been aboard our brig, which was a chest of sorrow I had abandoned on the shore of the fort because I figured it wasn’t worth the trouble when they had first shown up.

All in all one of the most hectic, and stupidly lucky nights I’ve had in this game.

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