Sea of Thieves

I doubt I’ll ever understand some of these mindsets.

Sea of Thieves 10 - I doubt I'll ever understand some of these mindsets.

I was sailing around with my crew earlier, and this brigantine kept badgering us. We were doing our gilded voyage, so naturally, we stopped what we were doing to sink them…over and over and over. We sunk them about three times, and they just kept coming back for more. We even took some of their loot, so I guess they were pissed. The fourth time we saw them, I guess they got smart and got a third person (prior they were only two.)

Anyway, for the first time, they actually sunk us. As they are sinking us, they're talking trash the entire time. They managed to get all of our loot…however we came back with a vengeance. We finally caught back up to them, and my crew stormed their brigantine and killed them all. For whatever reason, they kept the loot in the rowboat (all of it) so one of my crewmates decided to take advantage of the chaos and detach the rowboat from their boat and row away.


They chased us for another good 45 minutes, thinking we had the loot. They finally backed off and we headed to where my crewmate stashed the loot and turned it in shortly after. I wanted to be petty, and message one of them. Said some shit along the lines of "thanks for putting the loot in the rowboat, was easy to get back" blah blah. He and his buddy both message me back saying that our crew was trash, even though we sank them numerous times, and still won the loot.

I really don't get the mindset that people think PVP, especially in this sense, equates to anything other than feeling good about sinking someone. One of the messages this salt-ridden scallywag messaged was "I'm PL, so I don't care about the gold." So…then why waste almost 2 hours for literally nothing? Thrill? Itching for PVP? Mind you i'm an A10 PL, and even I know when to pick my battles.

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TLDR; crew chased us for almost 2 hours, almost got our loot. Didn't. Said we were trash despite winning loot and sinking numerous times. Gloating that they sunk us and that that equates to something. Helpmeunderstand.jpg

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