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I genuinely don’t understand…

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Sometimes I make an attempt at just being friendly for the sake of it. I expect that most people will simply assume that I'm trying to attack them and fire, regardless of what I type/say/flag I use/signals I use and thats fine – Nobody is obliged to not do that. But my most recent attempt just baffled me. I spotted a Galleon parked at Snake Island. I had just unloaded my loot and was thinking of logging off for the night, so I decided to fu*k it and make an attempt at communication. I sailed up, slowed down at a fair distance and used the megaphone to voice my intentions (being giving them what I had in terms of supplies and wanting to go offline soon). I typed something similar in case they hadn't heard me and sailed a bit closer, dropped my anchor and invited them on board. Two of them came on board, ran around a bit and played music with me. (Which I took as an indication that they weren't going to murder me.) I asked for permission and sailed my ship a bit closer to make offloading supplies less of a hassle. As I stopped next to their Galleon, they opened fire and one of them (being clad in full pirate legend clothing) started stabbing me. I typed a "?" and played some music, thinking there had been some form of misscommunication (maybe the other half of their crew wasn't on board with me being there?). I respawned on my now sinking ship. Declared that I was confused and had no malicious intentions and was promptly stabbed and shot. My next respawn was at a new island with a fresh ship. They knew I had no loot or hidden gunpowder barrels. They had come on board and played music. But instead of taking supplies for free, brought and offered to them they attacked me for no apparent reason. I get liking PvP, even for the sake of it- but what was the point of that? I wasn't fighting them – not even when they attacked me. I was in a 1v4 situation with no chance of sinking them even if I had wanted to. Why would you act like this?

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