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I Got To Hang With The Real Pirate Legend..And He’s Awesome!

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YEsterday I was playing some Solo's and going back and forth from forts to ports to get quick keg gold. Just chillin, watchin some youtube as the work was pretty mindless.

My proximity voice chat was off, so I faintly heard 2 voices, girl and guy, speaking about doing the skeleton raid, but they were getting attacked. I decided I wanted to help them. I started sailing to the raid and stopped at a fort to pick up some kegs to help fight enemies. I ended up only finding one and being too late to help them as they got sunk. I decided I'd try finding them as I still heard them, but they went into a party so the rest of the world cant hear them talk in game chat. This sucked cuz now I couldnt figure out where they were and who they are. I sailed in the direction they last said they were and tried to find a sloop. I saw 2, I went after one and asked if it was them and said I wanted to help. No response. After that I went to the 2nd one and did the same. They stopped at a port and one of them swam up to my boat. "Hello?" He said. "yeah hi! Sorry, im not trying to bother you, I was just looking for these other people. Hope I didnt spook you or anything," I responded.

Im sure he smiled at this comment now that I think about it. He then said that it was okay. I said I had a crap ton of supplies and he can take it if they needed it. He thanked me and started taking some. He then asked me a crazy question.

"Hey. You wanna meet the pirate legend?".

"W-what? Pirate Legend?" I replied. I heard about someone becoming the real pirate legend before but didnt catch him name.

"yeah sure." I said.

He took me to his boat, which was deeeecked the hell out. And I climbed up. A women dressed in very fancy stuff said hey. I greeted them and asked him they were the pirate legend. They confirmed it.

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When he spoke, I felt like I heard his voice before. Comes to find out I was right. Not to long ago I checked out a streamer by the name of SniperNamedG and saw he was close to Legend status. (Thats where I learned the speed dig technique). It was the same guy. After a little chit chat he asked if I wanted to help them. I, of course, said yes. He took my ship and his buddy took their ship. And did a legendary quest. Apparently having 2 ships makes this faster as they take a long time. Anyway, we go to Cannon Cove I believe and he starts doing a quest. I find out he is streaming as we spoke and found his stream. Over 1500 viewers all sending Hearts and saying Hey. "What an awesome community he has" I thought. Someone actually gifted me a sub! Anyway, he is doing his quests when I hear him fighting skeletons. I cannon myself over to try and help as much as possible, but end up accidently killing him!! He said "No! Zhadow you had one job!". What have I done?! I just murdered the Pirate Legend! Devs themselves are gonna shake their heads at me in disgust!

I apologized multiple times as I heard his frustration of having to get all the way back there. I felt pretty bad.

"Atleast I get to say I killed The Pirate Legend?" I said nervously.

Chat found that relatively funny and now its a command, thats cool.

Anyway He takes my boat and I get on his boat and sail it ways away and finish a quest for him with another guy. And at the end of it all, The pirate LEgend G gives me all the loot. All of it. Like 13K worth of loot. It was amazing.

Anyway, This was the story about how I got to hangout with the REAL Pirate Legend! He's a crazy nice guy and was so much fun to chill with. Even though I committed Treason, he forgave me and didnt destroy me with his godlike PVP powers.

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If anyone see's this man, dont try to kill him. Just give him your boat. Not that you'll be able to defeat him anyway 😉

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