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I had the coolest first day ever yesterday

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Boy this will probably end up being one of those super long posts nobody reads but I've been gaming for a long time now and I don't think I've ever had an interaction like this.

So I load into the game for the first time. I read the pirate code posted on the wall and start running around talking to various NPC's. I'm solo while I get the hang of things. I collect some resources, find my ship and set sail. I took three voyages but no matter how many times I'd interact with the map I couldn't get them to work. I gave up and just figured I'd explore.

The first island was barren. Just some weird guy who wouldn't sing me a shanty and had me go look at a book. The next island had some skeletons and I killed those. Then I saw a ship on the horizon. I knew my boat was empty so I wasn't too worried. They circled the island twice, shot at my ship then drove it into the rocks. I got back on board, figured out how to patch the holes bailed it out and sank their ship while they were on the island.

Feeling pleased I checked two more totally deserted islands before I found one with two chests. I was super excited. Then I saw it.

A big ole' skull in the sky.

I had done enough research to know what it was so I set sail immediately. I didn't realize how far away you could see those things, it was on the other end of the map. I had read they were hard to solo but possible. I finally get close and get absolutely crushed by cannonballs. I plow right into the side of the island and get under the cannons and start repairing. Somehow my ship stays afloat. I proceed to quickly get my first three deaths on the beach.

When I respawn again I hear cannons. I think that my ship might have somehow drifted enough to be in cannon range. I only just saw the galleon firing before my throat was cut by a boarder. I respawn again on my ship. Lots of water in it now. I hear my attacker say "sorry dude" as I fight back and he kills me again. When I respawn again I'm on a deserted island with a new ship. My loot gone. I try to figure out what to do next.

I do the only thing I feel like I can do. I sail right back for the skull. This time it's my ship firing on them in the shallows. I get about nine off before someone yells really loud KNOCK IT OFF. Somehow there's one of them on my ship. He has a gun pointed at me. He asks me if I want to die. I pull my gun out and point it at him. Not sure what to do.

"Shoot me and see what happens. Go ahead!"

I finally respond, "You guys attacked me first! It's my first day so I figured I'd get some PVP experience."


The guy pauses for a second. "Your first day? Well then want to do the Skull Fort with us?" He proceeds to grab my helm and steer me safely to shore next to them. Two of his crew mates pop up. They grab the chests they got from my wreck and put them back on my boat and proceed to teach me all sorts of things about the game. Suddenly another guy comes out of nowhere and starts swinging at them.

"Is he part of your crew?!" They ask "Tell him to chill!"

I tell them I'm solo. He's not mine.

"Well kill him then! Hurry!"

So I do. They cheer when he goes down and we continue killing skellies before he's back again. He doesn't block at all just slashes me once and then I put him down. They ask me if I need help and I say naw, he's pretty bad if I can kill him.

We finish the Skull Fort and they give me the key. I open the vault and they start loading me up with spices and chests and jewels. On my ship I hear a loud screech "AM I BAD?! AM I FU*KING BAD?! NOW YOU'RE DEAD" as I get shot in the brain case and die.

I nearly piss myself laughing. I respawn and they tell me they killed him. I thought it was hilarious. Finally we finish loading and two of them stay on my ship as we sail to the outpost to sell. I look over and see the guy who I had been fighting on their boat and frantically warn them that he's going to attack their ship.

They laugh.

"He's one of our crew mates. We just wanted you to get some PVP experience. You did well."

My jaw hit the floor. Never in a million years did I expect that. They all help me unload and bring loot to the sale tents and let me sell it off. Just before we part ways they ask me how old I am.

"Just turned 31."

"Ahh well happy birthday! You're like twice our age. We're all 15/16. This is like all we do now."

With that we parted ways, me feeling very weird. Some kids half my age sunk me, took pity on me, proceeded to teach me and trick me, and then helped me cash in loot. It was unbelievably awesome and unexpected. I've been gaming for 20+ years now and I've never seen anything like it.

Wonders never cease. After that I hit up the discord looking to join a crew for the shark but this story is long enough. Maybe I'll finish the tale of my first day another time!

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