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I hate the Megalodon

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Sorry for the long post. These seas are salty ones.

When Meg first came out, I thought it was a lot of fun. Carrying the tune to summon her was a fun experience, grouping with other ships to bring her down was fun, etc etc. Since the event ended and she was added the world as a random encounter, I loathe her. She's the oceanic equivalent of a mosquito buzzing around your head. She's not fun to kill, she drops no loot, she does more damage to your ship while fighting her than if you were to just ignore her, yet her presence stops you from doing things you gotta do. Shipwrecks, pvp in open water, barrels. Now with the cargo runs, it feels more like a race against meg to the next island more than anything else. Not to mention getting to shallow water doesn't get rid of her. As soon as you leave she's right there waiting for you. And of course she's a damn homing missile on your boat.


I was carrying 16 crates for cargo runs yesterday, and caught the attention of a hostile ship. They chased me for 15 minutes, along with the meg that had been following me for the last two hours or so. I go to shallow water where I wouldn't have to worry about meg, but the other ship didn't catch on in time and had to circle the island. They stayed out in deep water for most of the fight, but meg didn't give a shit about them. I sunk them, but took some casualties to my cargo. I set off for my destination again, and immediately got meg back. Half the time she doesn't bite, she just circles your damn boat infinitely with the threat of a bite.

Today I was almost to my destination, carrying 12 crates of rum, and she appeared behind me as I approached the island. I had maybe 15 seconds until I would be safe. She bit me as I was docking at the island, pushing me into the dock and shattering all of my bottles.

It's not engaging game play. It's being held hostage by a fat fish. Either she needs to drop some kind of reward or incentive to actually pony up the planks required to fight her, her spawn chance needs to be dropped a ton, or there needs to be a timer on how long you have to be in shallow water before she leaves. It's been weeks since I've gotten to play more than an hour without her showing up.

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