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I have some sailing mechanics questions!

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There are a ton of mechanical questions that, despite playing for months now, I've been unable to answer. I assume I'm not the only person who wonders this stuff, and perhaps someone out there has some answers.

1a) When you trim your sails into the wind, is the speed buff binary, (i.e., you go speed X with the wind, and speed Y without it), or do you get a partial speed boost for having your sails close.

1b) Along these lines, does your sail angle ever matter if you're not perfectly grabbing the wind? If you're going into a headwind, is there an advantage to angling your sales all the way to one side, rather than having them abeam?

2) What is the actual speed boost (I assume it's a percentage boost) we get by having all our sails trimmed correctly? This number is important, because with it we can decide at what angle we could zig-zag (grabbing the wind some of the time) and actually have a faster overall speed than just going forward without it.


3) I'd love to know the actual relative speeds of each ship, both with the wind and against it. Has Rare ever made this available? How much faster is a galleon with the wind than a big? How much slower is it against the wind?

4) Do different masts provide different amounts of thrust? Do the rear mast on a Brig provide more speed, or is the sail count entirely cosmetic?

I pride myself on being a good helmsman, and after months of sailing I can't answer any of these for sure. I have some educated guesses, but I'm hoping someone has actually done some stopwatch trials or something to figure this stuff out. Any sort of evidence to support your claims would be very helpful.

Thanks mateys!

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