Sea of Thieves

I just lost 30k worth of loot to a Kraken.

Sea of Thieves 6 - I just lost 30k worth of loot to a Kraken.

Everything, just gone. Me and my friend had been grinding for 9 hours straight, fu*king 9 hours to get to where we were. And just as we were about to turn everything in, we got attacked by a Kraken.

I feel like the kraken is just way too overpowered for smaller crews. How are you suppose to survive when you are constantly getting sucked in and launched in to the air, whilst at the same time trying to keep your ship from sinking? Good fu*king luck doing that. It frustrates me how you are forced into battle and with no means of escape. Once it spawns you just can't fu*king move, unlike with the other encounters where you decide whether or not to engage. Atleast give us the fu*king option to sail away.

It truly boggles my mind how Rare thinks that one or two players is enough to kill a Kraken, the mechanics are just so broken and unbalanced. Take for example being sucked trough the walls of your ship, or having your screen covered with ink for what feels like an eternity.


And yes I know that there are ways of saving the loot from despawning, like storing it all on a rowboat. But can't they just make the encounters balanced or put simply enjoyable? It's a fu*king nightmare going up against the current Kraken. All the the time and effort I put into grinding was inevitably for nothing.

And don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a Kraken to exist in the game, and I'm not saying that it should be removed entirely. I think however that the current mechanics are just way too powerful against smaller crews and should therefore be nerfed and balanced to make things fair. I would propose changing the targeting system back to how i It used to be, because I feel like even if you have the recourses, only bigger crews are capable of handling a Kraken. Perhaps making it so that it doesn't target crews with 2 players or less. I also want to mention how Rare definitely should increase the despawn timer, because I wouldn't be writing all of this if I just could've gone back gotten all the loot.

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TL;DR: 30k lost to a Kraken. Krakens in SoT are way too op.

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