Sea of Thieves

I love how this game is fun-skill based vs progression-race based.

Sea of Thieves 7 - I love how this game is fun-skill based vs progression-race based.

I just reached Athena 10 last week after stealing a Gilded Athena's from a crew and it feels like there's still so much for me to do. I took my time grinding the PL, it doesn't mean I didn't play the game a ton, I just didn't force myself to do activities that weren't appealing to me (aka merchants).

Luckily I was able to convince some friends to get into the game and I helped get them to PL too, even though PL is always an endgame goal, it does not designate the end of the game or necessarily a players skill.

One of my friends was better than probably every player we encountered within the first 10 hours. He didn't have to grind in order to unlock the best items, he started the game off at an even advantage as players who grinded non stop to Athena's 10 within first couple months.

My point being, this is a pirate game, it's winner takes all. Everytime we play, we put all our loot on the bowsprit and only turn in when the session is done. Have we loss our loot? Yeah of course. We've lost it to volcanoes, Skeleton ships and on the super rare occasion, another player. Did we wanna quit the game? Nah, because we learned so much and it made us better pirates.

This game to me is very rogue-like, at first it's very difficult and you die/crash often, every mistake you make, you learn and improve.

We once lost a fort+Skeleton fleet worth of loot ( this was before shrouded spoils, so we had like 30-40k in a 2-3 hour session). We came rolling into a contested fort, contested by a galleon, thinking we were unstoppable. As we approached for a volley of cannon shots, one of the enemies got up our ladder, hit our anchor then we proceeded to get rekt by cursed cannons with no counterplay, we sunk, lost all our loot then called it a session. Are cursed cannons OP? Not at all, we lost because of our poor positioning and failure to watch ladders.


That was a while ago and we've never lost since, we constantly remind each other to watch ladders and we are well aware of the power of cursed cannons and watch our positioning.

I guess my point is that this game is about personal goals and constantly improving, I printed a giant map of the game for my wall so that I rarely need to look at the in-game map at all. I'm not a pro counterstrike player, but I am good at shooters, although this game is about your boat, you can be the best counterstrike player but if the enemy understands the fundamentals and can control their boat way better, they can win or at least make it very difficult for you to sink them.

Yeah sometimes the game is gonna shit on you, sometimes you'll have a ton of loot, running away from an enemy galleon and a kraken or ghost ship spawns on you. I LOVE that, it's so exciting and dynamic, even if I lose all my loot, it's only a session, I'll be back for another session.

TLDR: there's no rush to PL or A10, just enjoy the game, learn from your mistakes and laugh at the situations you have little control over. This is a session based rogue-like type of game, it's not about getting to the end first, it's about being a better pirate each time you play, dieing to Skeletons less, getting snuck up on less often, cleaning fort waves faster, solving riddles faster, etc etc etc. Show off by using your game knowledge and skills rather than time played / rep gained.

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