Sea of Thieves

I love this game

Sea of Thieves 9 - I love this game

Just came off a long session with 2 mates, which we ended by trying one of the skeleton battles. Now, when there was just 2 skeleton galleons left we ran out cannonballs, and had to board and steal cannonballs from the skeletons. Then a player galleon shows up, who help us end the fight. When we're splitting the loot a explosive barrel blows up, killing 2 of theirs and 1 of ours (this was unintentional), so they start blasting our boat, we board them as we still don't have any cannonballs, we kill them and send their ship to sail of the edge of the map buying us time. We take our rowboat, filled with loot and hook it to our ship, try to set sail but end up getting our rear obliterated by the galleon, destroying the rowboat. They don't notice this and we still have 2 chests so we run. Then there's a chase from somewhere in the very south, past the southwest side, into the middle then up to one of the outposts in the north. We've run out of planks so we're constantly throwing out water, we come across an island which I climb onto and grab 4 planks, just enough to fix the holes. They're gaining on us so we take turns trying to board them and dropping their anchor, eventually I succeed and end up wasting something like a minute by dancing around their ship and just being in the way. We get near the outpost, they're pretty close to us again now. As we get closer a meg shows up, begins attacking our ship as we're racing towards the harbour. 30 seconds later a skeleton galleon shows up, starts shooting the other group and us. We smash the dock, jump off with the chests as our ship sinks and the player galleon is lighting us up, they jump off their ship onto the docks and begin chasing us. We sell the chests and turn around to fight them as their galleon sinks and the skeleton galleon is shooting at the meg (I think it was the meg). We end up dying after killing 3 of them. All this, 1 hour 30 minutes for a measly 2800 gold. Most fun 90 minutes I've had in any game so far. Thank you for making this game!


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