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I must confess…

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Warning. Long story coming.

I feel terrible after a particular encounter tonight.

My wife and I were slooping around minding our business doing merchant voyages. Our last voyage took us to Ancient Spire to turn in. As we passed by we see a skull fort pop at Crows Nest Fortress. We cross paths with a sloop with black sails. Who wasn’t hostile. We get to Ancient Spire and there is someone there. We are greeted with a young voice. But he wasn’t yelling or screaming or being annoying, actually very pleasant. He was announcing he was waiting for his friend with a sloop to come back. The sloop we just passed by? Cautious we turn in our pigs and snakes with no qualms. As that same sloop we pass by comes in behind us. We are greeted with another younger voice individual who greets us. All at the same time another sloop appears with another set of young voices captaining it. My wife and I stay quiet as they collaborate to take down the Skull Fort together. They alliance up. But the system was bugged and wouldn’t let us join. I urged for them to figure out this alliance system with us included before we sail off because I didn’t feel at ease without being in it.

Though an alliance doesn’t assure safety I know, I just know it’s a lot more tempting to kill the one ship that isn’t in the alliance without any repercussions.

They sailed off anyway saying we’ll sort it out later.. We follow behind. My wife was accepting of this and trusting. But maybe because I’ve PVP’d more. I’ve backstabbed plenty of pirates while also being backstabbed more than she has. I just didn’t feel good about being outnumbered, AND not in an alliance.


We get to the Skull Fort and we begin to tackle the waves together. I continue to urge them to let’s sort out this alliance thing. To no avail. I start growing wary I grab gunpowder barrels just in case. So, we continue knocking out the waves I find these younger folks to actually be quite a pleasant experience to fight with. Yes their voices were higher pitched but they were nice and polite and not screaming bottles of energy. But I continue to pressure them to make an alliance. As they were so polite to work with I would let them get everything as long as I got something for my time. Still no Alliance. As we get closer to the captain I continue grow more suspicious of them for not wanting to alliance up. So I secretly plant one gunpowder barrel in hiding by each of their ships. Captain spawns. I ask for them to form an alliance. Nothing. So my PTSD of past pirating triggers, I instantly flip on my trust of them. I secretly swim under their ships and bomb the ships without their knowledge while they fight the captain. Sink both. They finish the captain they open the door with the key. And realize their ships have sank. They run around looking for their ships. My wife doesn’t have the heart to kill them. I slowly murder them one by one. Each one almost crying to please don’t do this. Asking why!? I finally murder them all. We collect our treasure and sail off into the sunset and collect our 100% of the loot.

I’ve stolen plenty of booty. From plenty of people. But, the more I think about it the more their actions seemed genuine. Seemed kind hearted and they were simply distracted with the Skull Fort and the excitement of working with others that they didn’t know how to fix a bugged Alliance system in the middle of an exciting battle.

And I actually feel truly feel bad. I feel awful for this plunder. All I hear is their sad voices disappearing in front of me. Betraying their trust. I tell myself it’s not Sea of Friends. But it hasn’t made me feel better. I hope this experience doesn’t keep them from coming back to Sea of Thieves.

My recent players for some reason hasn’t updated to show who they were. But I hope it does so I can apologize. If it doesn’t I hope they recognize this story and realize that I am sorry.

TLDR: Young pirates were actually nice, polite and not annoying. I bombed them, took all the treasure and now feel like an awful person.

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