Sea of Thieves

I see people post cookie codes for trade.

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - I see people post cookie codes for trade.

I have been buying a couple boxes every few weeks to give away. I started giving away here, but changed to in game people that I actual played with. I had as*holes trying to retrade or sell them away here. If anyone has other codes they want to trade for the cookie codes, feel free to ask. If anyone wants cookie codes, hit me up with your gamertag. If you run some voyages or forts with me and are cool, you'll get the goods. Especially if you need some merchant grinding done, as I need to finish up mine.

So all my codes are actually bought and paid for, so no need to worry about purchaser turning you in for a stolen code. My only requirements are that you not live in the U.S.. I've also had as*hole Americans try and sneak the codes. To you pirate punks, piss off. Go buy a bag of cookies for $2-2.50 a box. You get the items plus 20 some days of game pass and gold free.
It's actually a really good deal, so just buy them, NOT STEAL. local store had cookies on sale for 2 bucks, so I loaded up on 6. Have some codes to share, so let's see what kind of good scurvy pirates we have out there. Until then, keep the grog flowing and salt from enemies tears refilling our seas.


PSA. If anyone else is giving codes, I suggest checking comment and post history here. There's a decent number of snake like liars and thieves that are just trying to get stuff for free and flip it. To you as*holes doing that, get a life and some integrity. Being a pirate on a video game doesn't mean you can be a pirate d*ckwad in real life.

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