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I think the Galleon needs another Banana Barrel [Discussion and Insight]

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I found it surprising at first that the Brig (as easy as it is to solo) that it would have that extra cannon ball barrel as the Galleon. I tried soloing both ships, because I always end up doing everything anyway so I wanted to experiment a bit in particular to the galleon. Ofcourse, the Brig trumps over the galleon, but the Galleon is obviously a ship of team-work. That 4th player also makes the differences.

I suggest an extra banana barrel on the galleon…

Because of how it does not affect the ships actual balance, but slightly makes the resource value of it a bit more appealing. I believe it is only healthy because it rewards the player count for being together (especially now that 3 players can choose the brig), and honestly would not affect much of the balance between the ships. It will depend on the players themselves.

The luxury of the 2nd banana barrel pretty much rewards galleon users for even managing it.


like the monkeys we are


So is this too much? Ive done a lot of thinking about what feels right and wrong, wrote a much longer post about it as well, only to delete it, but I feel like the most important bit between the brig and the galleon is how the galleon needs more team-work. An extra banana barrel simply gives the players in a galleon the luxury of it. It does not directly impact how the ship works and relieves resource value of bananas to a group of 4 players. At first, i was thinking about the wooden barrel and how the galleon is kinda weak in that department, but then I realized how much that would affect the galleon. But a banana barrel, does not.

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