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I’d love to see more varied cosmetic rewards attached to commendations

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As it stands right now, maxing out a particular commendation scores you a title, which is pretty cool, but I think there's a lot of lost potential there for more noticeable or unique cosmetic rewards. Some things that could be kind of cool are:

  • New skins for your voting dagger, as has been suggested a few times

  • New unlockable songs. Maybe maxing a particular commendation with one of the factions allows you to learn that faction's jingle as a playable song (Sea Shanty 2 as playable song when??)

  • Ship customization can also be tied to commendations – a golden chicken figurehead for maxing out Merchant of Grand Fauna, for example, or a golden-coin-strewn hull for maxing Keeper of a Glittering Hoard

  • More customization for the player model. This one could take a lot of shapes: unique tattoo patterns that are only available after you unlock a particular commendation, the ability to earn ourselves some nifty golden fingers like the gold hoarders NPCs, some manner of spooky ghostly appearance in the style of the Mysterious Stranger or OoS NPCs, and so on

  • More outfits, of course! How cool would it be to have Captain Flameheart's outfit as an obtainable reward for completing the skull fort commendations, or a flamboyant, gaudy gold-encrusted outfit for Hoarder of the Captain's Gold? There are tons of possibilities

Ultimately, Sea of Thieves is a game largely about cosmetic expression. Everyone is on even footing in terms of power level – the major vector for "progression" is gaining more and more ways to differentiate yourself from less experienced pirates, but as it stands now, we don't have a particularly deep pool of options to draw from, and very few of those options are locked behind any kind of requirement. There are only about three outfits you ever actually see people wearing. I think adding a more distinctive cosmetic element to commendations (because honestly, who stops and reads everyone's title when they meet them?) would make earning them feel a lot more rewarding. I also think it'd make the pirates we encounter on the seas feel more varied and diverse, rather than always being in the Sailor, Sovereign, or level 50 Merchant outfits.

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