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IDEA: Cursed Skulls

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - IDEA: Cursed Skulls

It would seem pretty obvious that the skulls from angry magic skeletons would have some funky voodoo shit going on. Plus, skeleton captains might intentionally put curses on themselves to try to spite whoever defeated them. After all, skeletons are very sore losers.

Here are my ideas:

Hunter's Headpiece-

Threat Level- 4 (significant threat)

Appearance- has a black cloth tied around one of it's eyes, and the other eye emits dark crimson smoke. Could also have an iron jaw that appears similar in shape to the Gold Hoarder's jaw, some edgy warrior face paint, and a large cut across the covered eye, if wanted or needed.

Effects- When it first gets picked up, it begins to activate a special Reaper's Mark that's visually distinct from other marks and is aimed at itself. This special mark, once activated, will not go away until sold.

Nickeljaw's Noodle-

Threat level- 2(Annoying, but manageable. Tied with Chest of a Thousand Grogs)

Appearance- has a bunch of bulky metal bolted to it, looks very heavy.

Effects- Sinks quickly and instantly. Takes longer to pick up than other skulls. Players carrying the skull move slower, are more affected by gravity, and take extra fall damage. Makes clattering sounds when rustled.bamclatterclangbamgong

Fuming Face-

Threat level- 2(Same as NN)

Appearance- Very angry looking(like, Doomguy-as-a-skeleton-lord angry), has flames coming from its eyes. Has a cartoonish cross-vein painted on its temple.


Effects- Begins screaming and roaring incoherently at you when you get too close to it. If you hold it in your hand for too long read: not very long at all, it will bite you, dealing a small amount of damage and forcing you to drop the skull. It cannot be soothed, for its rage is as vast as your mom the wide open sea.

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Chattering Chomper-

Threat level- 1(doesn't hinder you at all, just does something cool)

Appearance- has cool blue eyes and an old monocle, and its jaw is constantly flapping.

Effects- Constantly talks in an annoying fake and high-pitched British voice. Dialogue is constant and consists of everything from skeleton puns("I have a friend who has a bone to pick with you!"), to snarky commentary about its current situation(When the ship he's on is sinking: "Wow, you guys are terrible at this!"), to even insults thinly disguised as bad poetry("When looking at the widest sea while eating a plum, remember: that sea be only half as wide as yer mum!"). Note: it talks CONSTANTLY. Without stopping. Even when you're in the OoS tent, turning it in, it still has a couple of quips to drive you up the wall.

I will be making more posts about cursed items and gameplay ideas in the future! For now, keep your eyes peeled and, as always, Tell me what you think!

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