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IDEA: Different loadout options for more strategic gameplay

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My idea for this is fairly complicated, so I'm dividing it up into 3 parts: Satchels, Alternate Foods, and Alternate Planks.

Satchels have already been discussed amongst both the official SoT forums and this subreddit, and my take is very very very very heavily inspired by the Satchel idea proposed by another guy whose name I can't remember. So how these satchels work is that you've got satchels for cannonballs, planks, or food. They are equipped in the slots where your weapons normally go to, and grant an additional 5 capacity to the specific resource. This allows you to retool your character's loadout so that you can become a pseudo-healer banana Oprah (YOU get a banana! And YOU get a banana!), or you can swap out your weapons for a ball sack and a plank satchel in order to specialize in ship combat. Also, a cool optional change is to only allow one specific type of cannonball, plank, and foodstuff per pirate, and allow them to carry one additional type of specific item persatchel of that type.

Alternate Foods have also been frequently discussed among people who exist and are playing this game. My list of foodstuff suggestions is:

  • Bananas should stay exactly the same. I'm hoping that the more specialized foodstuffs don't appear as much as bananas, so that they retain their commonality in comparison to the more exotic foods.
  • Coconuts are rarer fruits that can still be found anywhere, but flourish especially in The Wilds. Coconuts, when eaten, can heal 90% of your health bar and provide a defensive buff, but not only do you need to take 3X as long to eat a coconut, but you need to hit it against something hard to crack it open first. You could also load it into a cannon and use it as a practice cannonball/warning shot that leaves a large splatter of coconut milk where it hit.
  • Limes are also rarer fruits that can be found anywhere, but this time they flourish in the Shores O' Plenty. When eaten, they don't provide any health immediately, but provide long-lasting slow health regeneration that stacks when multiple limes are eaten. Like I said before, they don't provide immediate healing. The regen could also reduce the effects of drunkenness, snake venom, and limping.
  • Durian Fruit is the rarest and most exotic fruit, and they can only be found within the Devil's Roar. It is a special fruit that takes up a whole 5 capacity(basically your entire standard food tab, or an entire satchel) and can't be eaten until you crack it open. In order to open it, you have to set it down then break it open with cutlass strikes, gunshots, or explosions. Once opened, the entire crew can take up to 20 pieces out of it, which function like Bananas. Both unopened and opened durians can function as cannonballs in a pinch, simultaneously punching a hole through the ship like a cannonball, leaving a bright yellow-orange splotch on the enemy ship where it hit like a coconut, and cover anyone that actually got damaged by the impact in a vision-obscuring durian puree. Unopened ones can also the sold to the Merchant Alliance. They can also be dropped on other people's heads.
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Alternate Planks have not been discussed much at all, due to the fact that no one knows how to make variation on something so simple. But, I have a single suggestion for a new type of plank:

  • Balsa Planks could be applied really quickly and be stored en masse (2 planks could only take up 1 capacity), but would automatically break after 3-5 minutes. this would allow you to quickly patch things up downstairs and take care of it later, or use it to plank your unsuspecting victim"ally"'s hull holes so that they will either sink or be preoccupied with replanking the holes, allowing you to get away with the full splendor of the booty!

Well, that's it and that's all. Tell me what you think!

inb4 someone asks what a durian fruit is

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