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Idea for a large raid

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So, because I've been infatuated with SoT, I dreamt up a scenario for a neat raid.

If map expansion will be a thing, then maybe we could get a fort like the Castillo de San Marcos.

When you arrive much like a skull fort, skeletons will bombard you with cannonfire. Difference could be that instead of being able to bypass the towers by anchoring in between them, the skeletons will have enough range to hit ships regardless of range, which I considered the "First Phase". So the pirate crew(s) will have to sail around the fort, dodging cannonfire, and attempt to breach one of the walls (maybe the fort can have a random-every-time weak point in one of it's walls). If successful, then the Second Phase begins.


In this phase, pirates no longer have to worry about their ship as much for the combat now is within the fort itself. This will be traditional combat, however it won't be waves of skeletons, just a random amount with a scaled amount of captains, one of which will hold a key to the inner gate (the fort could spawn between 50-75 skeletons, all varying types). The fort wall will be a bit tight and mazelike, requiring climbing the two or three levels to clear the skeletons. Once cleared, and key in hand, the final phase begins.

This is going to be a boss WITH ACTUAL MECHANICS. Requiring a crew or a very skilled solo player, the boss would have multiple areas that need to be attacked (I'm thinking of a large ghostlike boss with binding chains, forcing the pirates to "free" the fort from its curse)

At the end, the fort will obviously have OoS and GH loot, and maybe lots of barrels of booze or illegal merchandise that needs to be delivered back to merchants.

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