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Idea for a sprawling dlc involving player housing, customization, hoarding, trophy display and raiding

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So I was thinking about some ideas about what could potentially enrich this game and make it more fun, immersive, and personal for your pirate. This led me to one idea (player housing) but from there I thought about how that one idea could be expanded and made to effect the entire game, from that one seed of an idea, an entire thing sprouted.

Full disclosure: Rare has said they were inspired by, among other things, The Goonies, my idea is similarly inspired by that awesome little slice of my childhood and will borrow some ideas from it.

Disclosure #2: this is gonna be a long post, tell me what you guys/girls think, any improvements/suggestions/additions are welcome 🙂

Ok, to start off with, I had an idea about player housing, both to have a little slice of pirate paradise for myself and as a place I can customize and display various trophies, my wealth, and possibly some capturable pets (different from the monkey, cat and parrot that'll eventually arrive). For example, if I've defeated Meg, I can display a huge shark tooth, if I've defeated a Kraken, a tentacle. One of those legendary pirate captains such as Flame Heart? Maybe his hat, or his skull, maybe his sword. Also in this theoretical area, we'd be able to capture pets and have them there, perhaps a snake, a chicken, a pig (preferably one we don't have to feed or one that has a preinstalled feeder). Also once Rare introduces fishing, perhaps an aquarium, with fishes we've caught, maybe a baby Megaladon or baby Kraken, if Rare is feeling particularly adventurous.

As far as Factions goes, maybe a trophy for each of them celebrating reaching rank 50. For the Gold Hoarders, perhaps a huge diamond, or a pile of jewels (rubies, diamonds, saphires, emeralds, what have you) or perhaps our own treasure chest (or several), open and overflowing with gold, dubloons and jewels. For the Order of Souls maybe a talking skull, or perhaps a full skeleton display or some skeleton themed furniture, maybe a shrine of skulls, such as villainous skulls. For the Merchant Alliance, well…perhaps that's where the pets come in (pig, chicken, snake), that you can keep in your home.

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Also part of being a pirate is hoarding and displaying your hard earned booty, so maybe we have a treasure room/vault where we keep all that stuff, huge piles of gold, jewels, maybe some bottles of wine/grog/rum someplace where we can display our vast accumulated wealth.

Finally of course, much like the hidden Pirate Legend grove, a little pier/dock where we'd anchor our ship, with possibly a shipwright to upgrade/customize our vessel.


Of course this home would be entirely customizable, in terms of location (perhaps a huge cave, Goonies style, or perhaps on or near one of the upcoming volcanoes, or maybe your own private island), in terms of furniture, with various themes, such as skeleton, oplulance (gold hoarders theme, lots of gold, jewels), military (cannons, swords, guns) etc.

That being said this would constitute a safe area which both the developers and player base seem opposed to, but there is a solution to this. Earlier I mentioned hoarding your gold and wealth in a treasure room. What if once you've accumulated a certain amount, such as a million or a couple million, there's a feature where whenever an enemy pirate kills you, you drop a map, one leading to your home, whereupon that pirate and his crew would initiate a raid on your base/home, with the goal of taking your hard earned wealth.

But of course, we'd not simply leave our booty open to such theft, so part of the process of building your base/home is the ability to buy traps, puzzles and obstacles for enemy pirates to get through. I'm thinking a huge rolling ball (Indiana Jones style), pit falls, perhaps a hireable crew of skeletons, a piano that has to be played a certain way, things like that. And of course in the interest of fairness, there'd either be a timer or a death limit, so that the enemy crew can't simply keep respawning/retrying to get our booty.

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This of course is a massive amount of content and would probably encompass an entire dlc as opposed to just a patch.

With all this, I feel it'd satisfy several key needs that are being left unmet in the game as of yet. A place to call our own, fully customizable, a way to display our trophies, a place/method to hoard and then display our hard earned loot and an interesting raid alternative to skeleton forts. I honestly think this would be a spectacular addition to Sea of Thieves and would greatly enrich the game.

Tell me what you guys/girls think, feel free to post any suggestions, improvements and/or additions 🙂

Also I'm on a mobile posting this, so if someone could tag some people from Rare or perhaps tell me how to do so, that'd be wonderful, I'd love for them to see this, see what they think about it and possibly give some feedback.

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