Sea of Thieves

[IDEA] The Maelstrom

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So basically, the Maelstrom would be a persistent whirlpool that's wreathed in an intense storm with a bit of fog circulating about.

The whirlpool would not only swirl around the waters, dragging overboard sailors and ships alike in its waves, but there are also intense winds that whip and whistle!

The storm brewing above this mighty typhoon is more intense than any storm witnessed in the Sea of Thieves beforehand, blacking out the sky, pouring down torrential downpour, bringing a shocking amount of lightning to the table, and generating mist and fog that's sure to disorient!


As I said before, the Maelstrom would be persistent and very slowly moving across the Sea of Thieves. It will never go away, but it's easily avoidable if you know where it is, which bring me to the last thing about the Maelstrom: It's always visible on the map, allowing you to devise a route around it or charge right into it if you think you can survive and escape. (You definitely could)

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