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[IDEA]New Expansion Idea: Athena’s Helm(A.K.A. The Captaincy/Legendary Update)

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Ever since the dinosaurs first boarded a galleon, there has been a clamor from the community to bolster Legendary content, and yet not a lot has changed for the boys in greenish-blue. I aim to rectify this situation with a concept for a new free expansion:


This update aims to add new and exciting things to the melting pot of unfairly-blamed scapegoats known as the Pirate Legends. Right now, Legends are less like legendary masters of the high seas and more like normal pirates with fancier clothes and more tedious voyages. Let's jump right in, shall we?:

LEGENDARY CAPTAINCY (and normal captaincy)

Every crew needs a captain, right? So basically, the Captain is the player who's been on the ship the longest and has access to special capabilities that no one else on the ship has. A couple of ideas for abilities is the ability to start a vote to make someone walk the plank, which is basically a glorified kick that places them on one of the planks and kicks the off of a crew, allowing the other crew members to kill them, or the ability to veto a crew-started brig or scuttle vote, among other powers and privileges.

Legendary Captains are completely different and much more complex, yet they interact with the captaincy mechanic in a funky way. Someone acquires the rank of Legendary Captain upon reaching Athena's 10 and talking with the Legendary Shipwright. Once you get this new and prestigious rank, you get the option in your ship select screen to set sail on a legendary ship. This option will spawn you in the newly-expanded Legendary Hideout with your semi-randomly generated ship at one of the docks, ready to sail into the eerie mist. Upon sailing into the eerie mist after gathering the supplies you'll need, you exit out of a waterfall, batman-style, or you just rise from the ocean in some fu*k-off part of the map. Legendary Ships, as mentioned before, are generated semi-randomly, with each ship having certain innocuous bits and touches that are randomly added and provide each ship with some level of uniqueness(like the bell on the mizzenmast being in a different position, the cannons on each side being in slightly different locations, etc.) Legendary ships also have a randomly generated name. On a Legendary Ship, Captaincy is decided by Athena's rep in addition to time spent aboard.


The Hideout will be expanded into a large and fully functional outpost, complete with all of the traders and the GH, OoS, and MA vendors. There will be enough space on the docks for about 3 Men-of-War(see below). In addition, it could have an arena where enemies can duel to the death.



Skull of Legends- like an Athena chest, but it's a skull.

Crate of Legendary Hentai Artifacts- like an Athena chest, but it's a merchant crate.

Lockbox of Legendary Liquor- Like an Athena chest, but it's a Cargo Run box.


Has anyone noticed that we can't open and close the doors to the captain's quarters, or that no one can sit in the chairs? Let's change that. Also, we need to be able to buy cosmetic for more things. Who wouldn't want an absolutely opulent quarters to go with their gold-covered lion-headed cannons and their solid gold brig? There should even be a new cosmetic item that sets up small decorations everywhere.


Add crouching that makes you slow, small, and quiet. Also, make it so that mermaids don't spawn automatically and instead only when called via a conch shell item. Plus, the conch would give Rare an excuse to peddle more cosmetics.


srsly pls


An idea is the implementation of a parry; block a strike immediately after putting up your block to parry and knock the other guy back, dealing a snip of damage in the process. Punishes mindless flailing and indirectly nerfs boarding.


Add the potion shop that is above the OoS tent. An example of a potion would be a Potion of Disguise, that would temporarily change the appearance of your pirate and give you a temporary randomly generated name.


When a ship flying the Reaper's Mark has more than 5 pieces of loot on/in it, the mark changes to the gold-coloured Hoarder's Mark.


Athena Campaigns follow a single, central multi-island 4-8-step riddle that grants a voyage whenever a step is completed.

Alright, that's all I got. Share any ideas you have and, as always, tell me what you think!

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