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Ideas to improve the crew system

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Ideas to improve the crew system

I hear a lot of salty folks on here talking about being spawn camped on their boats and having trolls they can't get out of their crew. I'm no programmer but I think I have a solution to both problems if you lot will hear me out real quick. Why be salty when you can be crafty

So to solve the issue of kicking crew members, you introduce marooning. This is perfect because its what real pirates did when they were tired of someone's shit, and it shouldn't be a huge load on the devs to introduce it(as I said I'm not a programmer so Idk). you just simply come close to an island, vote to maroon the guy, hes not in your crew anymore and he goes into a cannon and you simply shoot him off the boat. Or he just spawns on the island. I'm surprised nobody has thought of this yet.


To stop aggressive spawn camping, introduce taking over boats. I know that sounds sort of toxic but hear me out here. Everyone that gets spawncamped hates it and trys to mak a comeback. I don't know about you but I always regretted it when I was noob. And if rare really wants us to use the alliance system more it would make sense to introduce stealing boats because you could jack a sloop for those two buddies you really wish you had on your galley. But theres other reasons it makes sense too, A: pirate game, and B: it will eliminate the people who use exploits to steal boats, I assure you it happens. Just some suggestions gimme your thoughts fellas.

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