Sea of Thieves

“I’m not sorry.”

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - “I’m not sorry.”

A week and a half ago I was solo slooping, testing out how much easier OoS were alone with the gunpowder skeletons. Another sloop was circling the area and blindsided me. I sunk and lost a couple skulls, no big deal.

Continuing my OoS adventures, the same sloop rolls up on me and a pirate legend fires himself over to my ship, he killed me once but I didn’t sink quickly enough and was able to respawn and kill him as he crashed me into a rock. Repaired in time and sailed off.

My next OoS took me to Cannon Cove, and although there was a sloop in the area, I anchored anyway. As the other sloop got close, I noticed it wasn’t the same crew from earlier. I placed a Captain’s chest of the dock as a peace offering, and it worked! Before I knew it, we were trading chests and playing music. Little did we know that the sloop from earlier was turning the corner of the island. The pirate legend was already on my boat when I got to my ladder. Instead of fending me off, he apologized profusely for earlier and swam back to his ship.


A half minute passed as my new sloop friends and I kept a close eye on my past rival. That’s when “I’m not sorry” came up on the text chat. No fu*king way. I tried to warn my new friends but they got caught up in a cannonball fight as all hell broke loose. My friends sunk, so I kept peppering the pirate legend until they, to my surprise, sink! I hear my new friends call for help, they were on board stopping repairs the whole time! So we gather up all the loot and I taxi them to the outpost and split it evenly as we reminisce on everything that just happened.

I’m not sorry, either.

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