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I’m So Sorry

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When I first saw you in the dim light of dusk, I was terrified. You were in a Sloop, alone, just like me. You could have attacked me and taken my 10 chests. I feared you would. But you had all of your lanterns lit; a true sign of trust… or ignorance.

You sailed off, and I found myself on Snake Island, digging for more of those coveted boxes full of gold, and fighting the damned skeletal souls that guard them.

Our paths crossed yet again as I made my way to Plunder Valley. Your lanterns still lit, you sailed off again, and I breathed a sigh of relief as my now 16 chests could rest safe beneath my decks.

I grew weary of my time at sea, and now it was time to collect my rewards. I set my course for Plunder Outpost, hoping to sell my chests in solitude. But alas, upon my approach I noticed a familiar sight: a Sloop, docked and waiting, with all of it’s lanterns lit. I knew it was you.

…I knew it was you…

I’ll admit it: I was scared. I’d been hurt in the past by pirates who pretended to be friendly, only to drive a cutlass in your back. Maybe that’s why I did it. Maybe I truly have lost myself to the seas… I don’t really know.

As I gently raised my sails and dropped anchor on the opposite side of the dock as you, I made a conscious effort to aim my cannons at your bow. “Just in case,” I told myself, knowing deep down it was a lie. I took a chest from my quarters and went ashore, looking to make the profit I so truly desired. That’s when I saw you, standing in front the Gold Hoarder’s tent. You were still. You were peaceful.

I reacted so quickly. It was almost instinctual. I dropped my chest and readied my sword. I issued no warnings, I offered no mercy. I cut you down before you knew I was there. Before you could ask “why?” Before you could defend yourself. As you dropped to your knees in front of me I knew that I could know no forgiveness for my sins. Not from you, and not from Neptune. And then I realized that you would come back. The Ferry of The Damned would sail you from the depths of hell back to the deck of your Sloop, where you could exact your rightful revenge and relieve me of my many chests and crates of teas and spices. I knew what had to be done.


Quickly I returned to my ship and retrieved my cannon balls. I loaded my single cannon and aimed for the front of your Sloop. The waves, however, forced my shot high, and it sailed right over, no doubt a judgment from the sea herself on my wicked crimes. But I knew I could not stop now, for once a man begins down a path he must continue, or face his own extinction. Perhaps that is what I deserved. Perhaps.

I readjusted my aim, waited for the waves to line up the end of my cannon with the wood of your ship, and I began firing away. One black ball of steel at a time I tore through the peaceful ship that I had been so joyfully celebrating not thirty minutes sooner. Not long after the first shot was fired, it was all over. Your ship lay at the bottom of the sea, and a single chest floated up to me. A reward for my evil crimes, it bobbed up and down, staring into my soul, daring me to take it. I knew I was too far gone to turn back now. I had looked into my own soul and seen the darkness residing there, and chosen to embrace it.

I retrieved the chest from its new home above your watery grave, and sold it to the one eyed man. I then sold all of my chests, my crates, my chickens and my pigs, all while looking over my shoulder, terrified of the peaceful friend I turned into a vengeful enemy. But I know that in the end I did not look back in fear of your retribution. I look back in terror at what I had done.

I am so sorry. I am so, so, sorry.

TLDR; I killed a nice guy and took his shit

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