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Improving the LORE fun in updates.

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For years I have wished that some company when releasing a DLC pack for a large open world game (Skyrim, Zelda: BotW, Read Dead), would rather than creating a singular large story element, just add a hundred little changes, Easter eggs, small new quests. Without any descriptions. Simply to be discovered. That would really add to surprising you with continued, or repeated playthroughts and subvert your expectations.

The trouble is, that is a hard thing to sale.

SoT is still ripe for added lore and Easter eggs. I love the way that the hype train keep the community guessing about the Meg ahead of the Hungering Deep, and seeing Merak before the event added to that.

The most fun that I have with the emergent gameplay is discovering something new or interesting on its own. I feel that Rare are concerned by having to keep everyone's interest by telling us exactly what to expect.


On the large scale things I think this is fine, but I would love if they would just secretly add strange sidequests that were not even hinted at ahead of their release. Maybe a random NPC (bird or skelly) that would talk to you. A chicken that asks you to rescue it and take it back to its home. See a group of merfolk in the distance underwater that bolt once they see you. Find a strange rotten barrel of grog in a hidden cave, that if you drink it makes you see and puke rainbow colors. Find a castaway that tells you a story that leads you on a multi island unmarked quest. At night see strange lights on an island that turns out to be a secret voodoo ceremony.

This itself could be signposted to the community, call it whatever (I can't come up with a clever name) Operation Secret Stories, tell the community that they are doing these and maybe they could reveal or hint about them after they have been in the game for a long enough time.

I know that there are a lot of players out there that would think that without showing us exactly what they are doing they are not getting their monies worth. But maybe they could just announce that they are using 15% or so of their labor resources to aid in this clandestine mission and leave it at that.

Keep the discoveries fresh and alive.

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