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In this instance, I didn’t mind an attempted “spawn camp” on our ship (how Athenas being “jerks” was good practice)

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - In this instance, I didn't mind an attempted "spawn camp" on our ship (how Athenas being "jerks" was good practice)

Joined up with a rando Brig, open crew as I don't use the Discord because I don't want my online handles connected.

Honestly, I think the "open crews r bad" phenomenon is overblown as worst case scenario for me is a bunch of people running around not obeying instructions (at which point you leave).

But I digress…

No mics from my crew members, but we communicated via quick chat well enough. Did a voyage, found some treasure, took it back to Ancient Spire.

Drop off most of it when I notice that this galleon is creeping up slowly behind us. They've got their sails raised, so I wonder if they are coming in to drop treasure off and they're waiting to see what we do.

We take off, but it immediately becomes clear that they want to fight when they drop all sails and begin pursuit. I look through the spyglass, see the ghost sails and unicorn figurehead. Part of me is already thinking of how we should face them and wonders what to expect in terms of skill.

A few cannon shots are exchanged, no serious damage.

Unfortunately, I'm not paying attention and get killed by a boarding Athena pirate. Two of them get on the ship, and they start killing my crew. At that time, I believe they had put two shots into our hull so I think it's all over.

When I get back though, our ship is still afloat, and our hulls repaired. I suspect what is going to be happening but go to fight again. The two Athena pirates demonstrate that they're not new at the game, and once more I find myself on the Ferry of the Damned.

At this point, I consider that they're simply going to continue murdering us just after we spawn. So I prepare myself for the eventual bitter defeat.

But then something interesting happens.

We manage to kill one of them, then the other. We even managed to raise our ship anchor and get away from the galleon who was parked near us. It would seem that we were able to adapt to their style of combat, and I quickly found myself able to keep up with them.

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See, these Athenas had the strategy of sidearm + sword, and a lot of hopping while trying to draw you closer to them (and at the same time trying to avoid getting hit). If there were more than one, they'd attempt a swarm on a singular opponent. Moving targets are a pain if you have a sword and can't aim well.

Pro Tip: If you're having trouble hitting people with your sword, say they're jumping around like these jerks, then you need to block then swing. I'm not talking about a charging lunge, but a "moving" swing that allows you to close the distance. This way you're not swinging in the air in front of you like a goober. Meanwhile, you can also technically walk around a blocking opponent with the moving swing, cutting into their side.

I've done this multiple times with people who are new. Even on multiple opponents and won because sword strikes are a radius.

Additionally, you can also sprint at someone, jump, then block and strike *in the air if you want to risk it.*

Anyway, we manage to get these bunny hopping glow-in-the-dark bastards and push them off our ship not a single additional time, but twice more.

And I got to say, it was fun. We push them off, we get moving, they try again and it starts all over. Heart was racing with each engagement with the sword.

It's good practice, because I'm sure they could have sunk our boat in that time they were waiting around. Maybe they were in the vain mood and showing off their narcissist clothing to us, a simple three man brig crew.

I'm not going to say we "won" the engagement, as they eventually backed off after a few more exchanges with cannon fire (maybe they ran out of supplies), but I'd like to think I stuck my foot up their ass towards the middle of the conflict.

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So to the Athena jerks who were attempting to spawn camp… thanks for the fight. It was good practice.

And also to my own crew who held their own given the circumstances.

Helluva scrap, boys.

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