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Inside Xbox Gamescom – Sea of Thieves Summary

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Inside Xbox Gamescom - Sea of Thieves Summary

Hey All!

I was just watching the Sea of Thieves highlights on the Inside Xbox Gamescom segment on Mixer and wanted to highlight some of the awesome things coming our way! Here is the Sea of Thieves portion from the stream for those who want to watch:

Here are some of the key updates/new things I heard on the stream that are coming our way soon. Please feel free to add more info and I will edit/update the post:

  • New World Location – The new zone will be based on volcanic islands
    • Islands will have erupting volcanoes and geysers that can damage players and ships
    • Water around the islands can boil/heat up, which can damage players who are swimming
    • Means bringing your ship in close to the island may be risky
  • Rowboat makes an entrance – A good solution to the hazards of the new zone. Park your boat and row to shore!
    • Can be used for other applications like storing chests, baskets, crates, etc.
    • Probably also has some sneaky applications too, like a bombing run 🙂
  • New Merchant Quests – these appear to be "transport" based missions where you take items from location A to location B. Definitely a response to all our feedback 🙂
    • Plants – Need to be kept in water or have water frequently applied to keep them healthy
    • Rare Cloth – Need to be kept away from water or they will become damage
    • Rum – Need to keep this from being moved around too much? (lost audio for a few seconds)
  • New Cannonballs for players – these appear to be based on the cursed cannonballs encountered in Cursed Sails. Players will be able to use these, although probably in limited supply/quantity. This is gong to be a lot of fun!
  • Reaper's Mark – A new type of flag you apply to your ship that lets everyone else on the server know where your ship is located. Appears to be designed to promote pvp mechanics.

*Edited based on feedback*

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