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Introducing our new mods!

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Hey guys, would like to announce the new SeaofThieves mods! Each has written up a short bio about themselves, but I'd like to introduce you all to /u/drunkpunk138, /u/elliotbath, /u/reegz, and /u/Henry9960! They're spread out across the world so depending on where you live you'll probably interact with one or two more than others, but they will join me and /u/kyle6477 in running the sub.


Bio coming soon!


Hi! I'm Elliot, from the UK. I'm almost 30, Dad of 2 and a passionate gamer since the mid 90s. I love music and I play several instruments, most notably the guitar and drums. By day I manage an IT Help desk and by night I'm a fairly friendly pirate. I'm a whiskey drinker, not rum – sorry! If you see me on the seas, say hi. GT: IAmNotAJedi.



Reegz has been part of SoT since early Alpha testing and even was part of the original Xbox live beta. In internet years reegz is a grizzled ancient. Not directly involved with the gaming industry he has made minor contributions to a few well known games over the years including the Unreal Tournament series and most recently Call of Duty WW1.


Heya my name is Henry, I've been playing games for around 10 years now and have been using reddit for around three years and have really enjoyed SoT even though it has its flaws, some of my other hobbies are playing basketball, reading manga, watching anime and wasting my time on reddit!

Join me in welcoming these four to the team and helping to make this place even better!

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