Sea of Thieves

Introduction of fishing (Can we get a comment or update from Rare)

Sea of Thieves 7 - Introduction of fishing (Can we get a comment or update from Rare)

I seen that it has been teased a couple times that fishing will be a thing, but I am still adamant about what it could bring to the game.

Currently Sea of Thieves: plays great, has AAA graphics, fun treasure hunting, and now with Forsaken Shores we have even more content.

One thing that I have found the game missing is any type of fishing mechanic. It would be easy (Especially in Unreal Engine) to make a Tool entity like the shovel/bucket called "Fishing Pole" that can be cast, sat on the water, and reeled in when a fish is caught; giving a player a variant of a fish in their inventory.

Unreal has global functions that detect when projectiles collide with another entity. This could be used for when the hook (the projectile of the pole) collides with the water entity (specifically the ocean). When the line is bobbing in the water, send a server request for a random value between 12-30 seconds for a fish to snag, and with the help of a fish loot table, give the player a fish to catch. Similar to how players can find snake, pig, and chicken cages: give them a fish tank that can be found and filled with fish.


This also opens up opportunity for more Xbox achievements (microsoft loves having plenty of those) for catching all types of fish variants. Like snakes, chickens, and pigs: have a loot table of different fish colors. If you really want to get detailed, make the fish tank an array holder of fish entity objects, keeping track of the type of fish caught. Each specification of fish can land different gold amounts when sold (clown fish: 50 gold, eel: 75 gold) as an example (or hell, randomize the gold amount between a number range). Make them worth a lot less then the number examples i provided considering fishing is much easier than having to hunt for treasure.

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Players will flock to this because as it stands, all quests involve a lot of "standing over the oven" experiences. You have to constantly be watching your map, constantly fighting off skeletons, constantly dodging megs in order to complete an objective. This is loads of fun, but it is easy to feel exhausted after even 5 quests. Fishing would provide a relief in between quests while you're waiting on an AFK player, dropping off loot, or plain ol waiting to get to your destination. Sometimes you just need a 5 minute breather before getting attacked by kraken again near Ruby Falls.

There is also plenty of options for shipping personal cosmetics for different fishing poles. This would add another price point of sale in the in game economy.

For any questions on programming this feature or general features, leave a comment.

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