Sea of Thieves

Is double gunning good or bad for the games health?

Sea of Thieves 2 - Is double gunning good or bad for the games health?

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As many people may know, the current PvP meta is to double gun, however is the use of double gunning a good or bad thing? I personally use EoR, sword which is considered to be pretty overpowered at times but whenever i face someone who has a good aim, who double guns i cannot do anything against them but i just need to get better right? probably.
I believe (this goes for EoR, sword aswell) that if you can drop a players health from 100 to 0 within less then a second it's a little overpowered (blunderbuss is an exception as you have to be very close range and it can be easy to dodge enough pellets to not get insta killed) and because of the no delay on the switch of the gun, people only have to aim once. the downside of double gunning is that they have to be good at aiming, which is fair. I've killed many o double gunners because they couldn't hit me. A few more cons to double gunning includes them not being able to block the sword which stuns them in place briefly. Also if they miss, they will have to reload which takes time. This however isn't as bad as it sounds because they can reload the eye of reach faster than you can kill with the sword which is than proceeded by 80 damage to the player and knockback, BUT this comes back to the aim of the user, if they are not good, it will result in their death. the main issue i see with double gunning is the skill gap between good players. If you have a player who is REALLY good with a sword and a player who is REALLY good at aiming with double guns, the double gunner will always win, as it will only take a second to kill the sword user. even if the sword user was close enough and using the EoR, sword, the knockback on the EoR stops the sword user from insta killing thus giving the double gunner time to retreat, reload and proceed to kill. I don't think much would have to change with double gunning, i would be happy if their was a slight switch delay between the guns, this would mean if i get hit i have time to take cover and heal rather than insta dying.

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This is all my opinion and yes you are allowed to disagree, i would like to here peoples opinions in the comments. try and be civil and keep an open mind. ALSO i am not saying people who double gun are bad players i am just not convinced double gunning is an entirely fair game mechanic in its current state. if you disagree feel free to add to the discussion in the comments.

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