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It’s Sea of Thieves, not Sea of Friends

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I've read this so many times lately, but one recent comment made me decide to speak up. I won't link it directly, but it was decrying the new alliance feature. Something about the whole idea of being a pirate was to betray and kill, and to have an option not to do so was somehow wrong.

In the age of sail, most pirates weren't bloodthirsty outlaws – many were sanctioned by their government to hunt the ships of their nation's rivals, others functioned as freelance mercenaries who would rather strip a ship of treasure and supplies than sink them. Even Blackbeard himself had a reputation for being an honorable man. That's not even taking into account the regulations captains often set for their crews. Many ships had strict codes of conduct – strict rules of engagement, no revelry on Sundays, fair treatment of women and children they captured, and democratic decision-making among the whole crew. The idea that every pirate crew always sailed around causing mayhem and were quick to betray each other is dead wrong.

I'm all for PvP. I love boarding an enemy ship and wreaking havok while my crew fills their hull with cannon shot, I love sending a crewmate over with a keg as a welcoming present when another ship pulls up next to us. But I don't believe the "attack an empty ship repeatedly while screaming homophobic or misogynist shit over voice chat" playstyle that I've seen from numerous other crews should be the default. I try to play as the real pirates would have lived – looking after the safety of my crew, always stealing but only fighting when there's something at stake, and being a woman of my word if another captain suggests an accord. We strive to be a better class of criminal. We shoot the breeze, we tell jokes, we get other crews to sail with us and we goof off together, enjoying the freedom of the open sea, deciding what a life of piracy means for us.


But our playstyle isn't the only way; I think everyone should make their own choice on how they want to sail. If you want to be as merciless as Ghengis Khan, I'll be happy to cross swords with you and defend my loot every time. If you want to be completely peaceful, I'll fight you with honor and leave you alone once we've taken what we can from you, or we can work together for mutual benefit. I do get tired of the people who treat this game like it's Call of Duty: Boats, getting tilted at the drop of a hat and trash talking at me on the Ferry as if my crew hadn't just killed them too. But that's their choice, and if they want to spend the whole night angry I'm happy to let them do so.

Every time a new event drops, there are so many complaints that the game encourages cooperation, and threats to leave because working together isn't their cup of tea. But the beauty of piracy is that each crew can choose for themselves, and if that makes you so angry you want to leave, be my guest.

TL;DR – Crews can and should decide how much PvP they engage in – historical pirates weren't all bloodthirsty or treacherous. It's possible to have a ton of fun with a lot of different playstyles, and the community is better for the variety. If the choices of other players bother you enough you want to quit, don't let the rest of us stop you.

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