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It’s toxic to keep calling out the “lonely throne” posts…

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I'm fully aware I'll get downvoted for not being a part of the perfect narrative of this game…but here we go. I've been attacked consistently today for having a different story of the event and I'm just going to make a final post and call it done.

I'm seeing a consistent pattern of people saying "Wow you are so lazy that you are just sitting at a throne waiting" "Get out there and put in some effort!"

Can we please stop calling people who can't finish the event lazy simply because they encapsulated their experience of the event in a singular picture for sympathy?

Can we not at all fathom that the event requires a lot of time doing things some people don't enjoy (sailing an empty sea with little hope of achieving the goal after repeated attempts) and they'd rather just afk and sit at the throne till it's over? That maybe they did put in the effort for awhile (hours/days) and just resorted to that behavior after losing motivation?


Yes, you got the throne event done quickly and concisely because the first or second crew you found did it all with you. Maybe you never met a bad crew the whole event. That doesn't somehow de-legitimize the negative experiences other people have simply because you had a positive experience. It certainly doesn't give you the right to think you had some fool-proof method of how to finish it and can call people lazy and question if they put any effort into the event because you succeeded, especially when you call out these posts directly.

I'm just tired of this communities toxicity toward a negative situation in the game, even when the evidence to why that could happen is pretty clear. They don't blame the situation or the game…they tend to want to blame the person who had the bad experience, that's toxic and leads to in-fighting. Can we please stop upvoting this stuff?


I'm trying to invest into this game but this kind of bad juju really doesn't need to be on the front page.

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