Sea of Thieves

“I’ve been waiting for you, she’s been good to us. Take care of her”

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - "I've been waiting for you, she's been good to us. Take care of her"

Since I'm a shit storyteller I'll be telling this tale in greentext form

Load in and select full galleon crew with 2 other buddies. the 3 of us are hoping for a good random 4th guy. Few rolls later high ranking pirate says "Hey guys you're just the crew I've been waiting for! Here take the ship, it's completely full of supplies and I didn't want it to go to waste. Take care of her, she treated us well! Have a goodnight I'm going to sleep." he logs off, just the 3 of us now and a full royal sovereign skinned ship Go down below deck and see a ton of repairs this boat has seen some shit verify that indeed it is full. 280 cannonballs, 90 planks and 80 bananas. come back above deck and throw down a gold hoarders voyage. 5 chests on snake island. fu*k yes looks like we have a message in a bottle left over from the gentleman who gave us his ship chest riddle on snake island wtf. RAISE THE ANCHOR! SET THE SAILS! WE'RE HEADED FOR SNAKE ISLAND! immediately notice that the active skull fort is on the way to snake island. fu*k it lets do a drive by and see what's going on storm sets in and our ship is taking a beating from the lightning, the waves, the sniper skeletons on cannons in towers and the galleon as we make our approach the shots from.the skeleton are hitting us with every volley as we make our approach the crew is regretting this drive by as the three of us are below deck on repairs and bailing 1 galleon parked and 2 sloops leaving the fort in opposite directions. fire one crewmate onto their ship to begin stealing their supplies while the other is pelting their ship with cannonballs. I ran downstairs to begin the many repairs needed and hoped the wheel would point us in the right direction as my other crewmate began bailing water captain music. They are on the last wave! boat steers the right direction (in the storm) and is luckily taking us in a nice circle around the skull fort away from the cannon towers I drop anchor Crewmate on enemy galleon reports they have less than 10 of each supply on board and he killed the one guy guarding the ship sink their ship and swim onto land murder the rest. It was a short but good tussle found the captain and grabbed the key EZPZ LEMON SQUEEZEE finish bailing water and repairing the ship figuring they'd be back soon we took the key and headed for snake island to get our 6 chests (mostly mauraders) 2 fruitful shipwrecks (spices and villainous) on the way did two more islands of 2 chests each one island has a hateful skull, exotic silks, gunpowder barrel and a chicken coop all right there next to each other to greet us on the beach. scoop up a golden chicken that was next to coop we are next to the skull fort after our last island so we hit that grab the loot and head towards the nearest outpost spend a while unloading the loot cash in over 30k Stand back and soak in the damage this ship has sustained. I'd never had a galleon with a repair in every spot possible until tonight. it's beautiful all the scars and there she is still floating and full of supplies eager for another voyage buddies hit the bar and drink till they puke vomit fight drunkenly play some shanties while trying to vomit on each other friends happily sign off for the night I stay logged in crew of 3 finally joins and I tell them "I've been waiting for you, this ship is fully stocked and she's treated us well. Take care of her" They assure me that she's in good hands and thank me for handing off the ship fully stocked I give them a wave and quietly sign off for the night


I'm quite sure I've never played a game this special. Thank you, Rare. It's perfect.

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