Sea of Thieves

I’ve discovered my new favorite way to play as Pirate Legend, and it includes open crews!

seaofthievesjpg 19c482 1280w 1024x576 - I've discovered my new favorite way to play as Pirate Legend, and it includes open crews!

I load into an open crew. Ideally, it will be a fairly fresh new crew just getting started, but one has kinda already made themselves captain (sloop works well too). I load in wearing the Sailor wardrobe, use full Sailor equipment, and title as either nothing or Sailor. Unkempt hair, scruffy beard, no vanity items, the whole nine yards, right? I shove maps in their faces, show them my compass.

I don't use a mic, I just use my gun and shoot to point at stuff and use a barrage of quick chat lines to communicate. I'm on point with my communication though. This is key. Follow orders, say Aye when necessary, roll on the deck laughing every now and then. Be competent.

Slowly but surly, I'll go shave and put on the dignified mutton chops, put on a clean haircut. Then I'll swap out one pirate clothing item for another equally dirty, but also costly, item of clothing, like the white shirts with rope on them. Then I'll put on some nice pants maybe. Then comes the Pirate Legend belt. The most subtle piece in the whole outfit, IMHO. Wear that for a few minutes before going with the PL pants. Then the boots. Then the peg leg, hook, eyepatch, hat, jacket and title. Somewhere along the line comes something like:




*Rolls on deck laughing!*

Edit so I don't seem like a d*ck, which is apparently how this is sounding.

After they discover I'm Legend, they usually ask if we can do an Athena's and I say yes and we do it and have a grand old time. I've made many new friends this way.

Also, I'm a Legend that's not going around killing everything that moves, and letting the new players figure out the game organically, instead of just trying to pull rank or some shit and order everyone around.

These voyages have brought back that spark for me to keep playing. They've been fun for everyone involved, and have brought new players together and formed new friendships. I don't see what's so "get a life" about that. At all.

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